Exclusive: Steven Donnelly talks Ultimate Boxxer 5 triumph

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Having entered Ultimate Boxxer as a favourite for the tournament, Ballymena’s Steven Donnelly proved on the night he was the best.

Donnelly strolled through the first fight against late replacement Ish O’Connor and landed several great body shots which would have O’Connor down three times in the first round, he didnt make the count on the third occasion.

In the second fight, Donnelly overcame Sean Robinson in a tougher fight than the first but still showed his class, again landing body shots. He won a 29-28 decision to book a place in the final against Lenny Fuller.

The Irish Olympian showed his pedigree with a great performance in the final, after an aggressive start from Fuller, Donnelly would go on to dominate and it was only a matter of time before his body shots would take the wind from Fuller.

“I was pleased with all three of my performances but especially the final.” Donnelly told World Boxing News. “Going into the competition I hadn’t fought in a lot of months so there could have been ring rust starting off but it didn’t seem to happen. I am hitting very hard these days and long may it continue. To the body and to the head. I showed small glimpses of what I can do but there is loads more for me to show to my game. It may not of seemed like it from my performances but I was under serious pressure all night. I just handled it all really well with my experience.”

Having entered as favourite and being the first Olympian to take part of Ultimate Boxxer, Donnelly was under pressure.

“Yeah, although I was under pressure I was always confident in my ability and fitness and just had a good vibe the whole trip.” He said. “To come out the overall winner was just a great feeling only boxers know. Then multiply that by 10, haha, with the big prize at the end and the exposure it got me. I then had Amir Khan and everybody else giving me good compliments etc. The Donn has arrived on the scene haha.”

So what’s next for Donnelly?

“I’ll leave it up to MTK but they know what I want to do and where I want to be. They will guide me in the direction I need to go.”

Mick Kane is a Staff Writer to World Boxing News. Follow Mick on Twitter @MickKaneMMA