‘Brave’ Dillian Whyte into Masterchef semi-finals, Kellie Maloney next up

Dillian Whyte Kellie Maloney Masterchef

📸 Masterchef / BBC

British boxer Dillian Whyte successfully made it through to the semi-finals of Masterchef UK after impressing judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

In the first leg of his quarter-final, Whyte made a meatball dish in a partner challenge. The Londoner was placed alongside former athlete Greg Rutherford.

Clearly taking the lead role, Whyte guided Rutherford to a similar dish. This is despite the long jumper’s balls being slightly smaller.

The next round saw Whyte team up with Rutherford again. They cooked in bulk for a school in London.

Making a tasty menu enjoyed by pupils, Whyte and Rutherford ended their team time in good stead for what was to come.

For a semi-final place, Whyte, Rutherford, accompanied by fellow quarter-finalists Elizabeth Bourgine and Martha Reeves, had to serve up two dishes to former winners.

Ex-Celebrity Masterchef champions Kimberly Wyatt, Adrian Edmonson and Lisa Faulkner, now host John Torode’s partner, were on the panel.

Whyte chose a menu of beef for his main course. Then passionfruit and raspberry soufflé for dessert.

Upon hearing ‘The Body Snatcher’ was making a challenging pudding, Torode sounded impressed.

“You are one very courageous man aren’t you Dillian?” he asked.

Whyte replied in typical fighter fashion: “Go big or go home!”

Wallace added: “He couldn’t have picked a more complicated dangerous desert if he tried.

“Passionfruit and raspberry soufflé. I mean, if he doesn’t get the mix right, if he doesn’t get the temperature right, then he has got an eggy mush in a ramekin.”

2013 winner and Star Wars actor Edmondson questioned the choice of Whyte cooking a soufflé at this stage of the competition.

“Making a soufflé, why put yourself through the pressure of it? – You’re working with someone else’s oven. Ovens are all different,” pointed out the Bottom star.


As it turned out, Whyte pulled it off as his soufflé rose to the correct standard, even if it was a little undercooked inside.

Whyte, Rutherford, Neil Ruddock and Joey Essex are all into the semi-finals.

On Monday, former promoter Kellie Maloney (formerly Frank) will begin the process of attempting to join Whyte and the other three.

Celebrity Masterchef continues on BBC One at 8pm on Monday, 23rd September.