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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Brother Stephen talks Callum Smith offers, future and Anfield

EXCLUSIVE: Brother Stephen talks Callum Smith offers, future and Anfield

Stephen Smith has opened up on the future of younger brother Callum Smith on the back of considerable speculation about the number one super middleweight’s next move.

Reports of unrest and offers from alternative promotional companies have surfaced in recent weeks as the current world 168lb champion eyes massive fights.

Stephen, who is preparing for a return to action himself, believes a November date is in the offing. Smith also confirmed WBN’s recent story regarding a possible John Ryder clash.

WBN understands mandatory challenger Ryder is being lined up as Callum’s next outing before ‘Mundo’ then targets the biggest names out there.

‘Swifty’ says ‘The Gorilla’ is a potential opponent but nothing is finalized yet.

“Callum just wants to get out. He’s training but there’s nothing confirmed for now,” Smith exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I believe he’s swaying towards a November date. So he’s hoping something gets done in the next couple of weeks. Callum is hoping to fight in November, whether that’s Ryder or whoever.

“He wants to stamp his authority on that division now. A lot of people see him and recognize him as No.1 in the world so he wants to sort of prove his point. He wants to get those bigger fights down the line.”

Asked if Callum was content with Eddie Hearn at Matchroom despite the speculation, Smith answered: “There’s been a lot of commotion of late. A lot of talk about him but that’s just basically because he’s No.1 in the world. People know he’s the best fighter in the world at super middleweight.

“He’s obviously got the frame to go into other weights. He’s in demand. Callum is getting offers from other places but that’s all it was. He was getting offers. Callum was attracting interest from other people, so it basically got out that people were like oh he’s leaving. That’s not necessarily the case.

“Callum had offers from Matchroom as well as other people from America, big names. But he’s weighing up his options and is going on from there.

“He’s never had any unhappiness at Matchroom Callum has been happy at how his career’s been, it’s just that probably been of late been a little inactive. I suppose that happens when you get to the level he’s at.

“When you are talking about the Canelo and GGG fights, you can’t be expected to fight every other month you got to weigh them up. He’s happy enough but he’s at the stature where he wants his own career now. He’s the man in demand and will map his own career out whichever way he wants to I suppose.”


Concluding on the possibility of facing Canelo or GGG in the future, the fights everybody wants to see, Smith said: “It’s the same for me. I’d love to see those fights too.

“I know for a fact Callum wants them fights. He wants to have the big fights to test himself against the best and get out the sport with his health intact. I know that is what he wants.

“There’s talk about a lot of big fight’s happening next year whether it be in May (at Liverpool Football Club). He’s just gotta sort of get this one done and out the way. If it’s his mandatory against Ryder, then fair enough it sort of ticks that box.

“Callum can move forward then. He can start planning big things in May. If he gets a fight at Anfield or whether he gets Canelo, Golovkin or another one of the belt holders in the ring, it’ll be worth it.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News and an Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay (article transcribed by Assistant Editor).