Ryan Garcia in Oscar De La Hoya ‘release’ ultimatum after ‘public bashing’

Ryan Garcia

📸 Stacey Verbeek

Golden Boy star Ryan Garcia has urged Oscar De La Hoya to release him from his contract if the promoter no longer believes in his talents.

Garcia, 21, has been under fire for not agreeing to face Romero Duno on Saturday night following the late arrest of opponent Avery Sparrow.

De La Hoya, along with President Eric Gomez, urged the undefeated super-featherweight to accept the replacement to keep his legion of fans happy.

Reports surfaced trainer Eddy Reynoso, who also coaches Canelo Alvarez, was unhappy at the substitution.

Eventually, Duno continued on with his own fight and halted Ivan Delgado in seven rounds.

Since then, the situation hasn’t cooled and Garcia has opened up to his followers on social media.

“I don’t even want to speak about this stuff anymore, but Oscar call me for real and stop going to the press! We haven’t talked at all,” stated Garcia.

“I want the best fights. I’m 21. I have the drive to be even better and I will continue to get better and fight the best fighters”

Going further, ‘King Ry’ then questioned whether finding a new promotional company would be best.

“Oscar, if you don’t believe in my talents then you can release me elsewhere. Point blank period! If you do then come talk to me. Please, no more press and public bashing.

“I want everyone to know that I didn’t just start fighting. I’ve been fighting since I was seven years old!

“I was a 15 (year old) national champ and made the USA team at 17. I wanted to go to the Olympics but my family needed my help.

“I decided to go pro, I went to Mexico to fight because I was too young to fight in the USA. I fought the best in the amateurs and beat the best!

“The same names you hear now I beat regardless of what people say of my abilities. I’ve always had to prove my self.

“Everyone, since I was young, would say I couldn’t win. That I didn’t look like a fighter. But I always proved them wrong and I will continue to do so.

“I’m grateful for my fans and I will always fight in every aspect. Coach Eddy Reynoso believes in me he seen in with his own eyes.

“I’m getting better and I want to show the world I’m capable to be champ,” he concluded.


Speaking prior to Garcia’s comments, De La Hoya revealed his stance on the situation to DAZN.

“Well, I mean it’s very unfortunate that he’s not fighting. A few people came to come watch him obviously and they can’t wait for the main event.

“But, look there’s a lot of people that are talking in fighters ears these days. It’s very unfortunate because the ones who suffer is the fighter, ultimately.

“Look I’m a promoter to promote fights, to make champions, to make fighters a lot of money. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people are talking to fighters ears and trying to derail our plans.”

Asked by Chris Mannix if  Garcia wanted more money and if he would as a fighter, De La Hoya answered: “Look I was a fighter, money was not an issue for me, never.

“I made a lot of money, but the fight was first for me. I didn’t care but I guess there aren’t (some) fighters that are like that anymore. Something’s changing and it’s kinda sad.

On whether his relationship with Garcia is salvageable, the ten-time world champion concluded: “Absolutely, why not?

“We can make him a lot of money and we’ve made him a superstar.”