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Home » Exclusive: Bob Arum outlines Lomachenko vs Pacquiao status

Exclusive: Bob Arum outlines Lomachenko vs Pacquiao status

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Top Rank boss Bob Arum has effectively ruled out any future fight between pound-for-pound stars Vasyl Lomachenko and Manny Pacquiao.

Arum, who promotes boxing’s number one in ‘Loma’ and used to handle Pacquiao, says the fight fans are hoping for is off the menu – for now at least.

The Hall of Famer believes it would be just too much of an advantage to give Pacquiao if Lomachenko ever agreed on the fight above 135 pounds.

Lomachenko is currently campaigning at lightweight. But everybody knows his ideal weight limit is nine pounds south of that.

The formidable Ukrainian is, in reality, a featherweight. And with Pacquiao currently comfortable at welterweight, there’s just no way to reach an agreement – even at 140.

Bob Arum talks to WBN on Pacquiao vs Loma

“On Lomachenko v Pacquiao, we can never say never. But I mean you don’t take a guy who’s 126lbs and have him fight at 147lbs against Pacquiao – or even a catchweight of 144 lbs,” Arum exclusively told World Boxing News.

“You don’t do that because when he’s walking around (at 144). That’s the weight Loma is,” he added.

Explaining further, Arum stated that Lomachenko even gave away considerable weight for his last fight with Luke Campbell.

“The WBC has the weigh-ins a month before, a week before – that kind of stuff. They have to make sure the fighter isn’t going to exhilarate his weight loss and, therefore, injure himself by doing that.

“Lomachenko, when they weighed him in a month before (he) was like 138. And a week or two before 137. For the fight, he had to be 135.

“Usually, I would assume that Campbell weighed 135 at the weigh-in. He probably (was hydrated too) 155 when he got in the ring. He’s a big kid.

“I mean, he’d really be giving away too much weight (for Pacquiao).”

On whether Pacquiao target Mikey Garcia was an option for 2020, Arum concluded: “He fought his last fight at 147. He wants his next fight to be at 140 coming down. Then he believes he has no problem making 135 so that’s a potential fight for the future.”


At this point in time, Lomachenko is enjoying a well-deserved break after defeating Campbell late last month in London.

Now holding the WBC, WBA and WBO versions of the lightweight crown, Lomachenko and Arum firmly have their sights set on the winner of Richard Commey versus Teofimo Lopez.

As Arum previously informed WBN, Commey v Lopez is set to happen on December 14, with Lomachenko possibly willing to wait until after that clash to begin talks over a return to action.

March or April would be ideal for Lomachenko to then face-off for the undisputed championship.

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