Jaime Munguia likely to vacate 154 pound belt, move to 160 pounds next

RINGSIDE 15/09/2019

📷Stacey Verbeek

One of Mexico’s biggest boxing stars lived up to the hype once again on one of the most important dates for Mexico as undefeated world champion Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KOs) of Tijuana outlanded and overpowered Patrick Allotey (40-4, 30 KOs) of Accra, Ghana, leading the African warrior to take a delayed knee at 2:18 of Round 4 before his corner put a stop to the slugfest.

Munguia thus successfully defended his WBO Junior Middleweight World Title for the fifth consecutive time and gave the electric crowd the finale they had hoped for to conclude an action-packed fight night celebrating Mexican Independence Day Weekend at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, and streamed live exclusively on DAZN.

In the co-main event, Franchon Crews-Dezurn (6-1, 2 KOs) and Maricela Cornejo (13-4, 5 KOs) endured 10 aggressive rounds of women’s boxing action before Crews-Dezurn was ultimately declared the victor by unanimous decision, thus retaining her WBC Super Middleweight belt and gaining the WBO Super Middleweight belt to become a unified champion.

Earlier in the evening, Romero Duno (21-1, 16 KOs) of Los Angeles, California defended his NABO Super Lightweight belt against fellow Angeleno Ivan Delgado (13-3-2, 6 KOs) by TKO after a corner stoppage by his team at the end of Round 7. Additionally, Rafael Gramajo (11-2-2, 3 KOs) of Garden City, Kansas defeated Daniel Olea (13-9-2, 5 KOs) of Guerrero, Mexico by TKO, also after a corner stoppage at the end of Round 4.

Below are quotes and results from the DAZN card at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California:

Jaime Munguia

“The journey getting here was hard but I feel really good with these people who came to support me. This is Mexican Independence Day and I feel really good and I’m ready to go further for more.”

“Thank you of course to Erik [Morales]. I learned from Erik to stay calm, but this is a combination of everyone that I work with. Step by step, I’ve learned a lot from all the fighters that I’ve fought before.”

Will this be your last fight at 154?“I need to talk with my promoter. First I need to talk to my team and then we’ll decide.”

When will he fight the top guys at 160 – e.g., Canelo, GGG?“First I need to get to 160, but I’m ready to go.”

Franchon Crews-Dezurn

“I’m so happy. First of all, I have history with Mexico, my sister is Mexican, I love boxing just like you. I’m for unity and this is not just for me. This is for women boxers from Mexico and China and Russia and America. This week has been hell and I stood and held strong. This is just another testimony to show if you believe in yourself, you put the work in, you stay focused, no matter how many distractions, no matter how much bull crap comes your way, you just stick to the plan and complete the mission.”

“I got out here thinking I was going to fight one person, a person who had been bullying me on the internet. Alejandra Jimenez, if you want this one, you can come get it too. I’m not here for a good time, I’m here for a long time. This is the land of the warriors, not the posers, not the models. I want to be respected just like the men are respected. I’m going to step up to the plate and take the challenges. I don’t go into any match thinking I’m entitled anything.”

“Thank you to DAZN, by the time I finish, It’s going to be Dezurn!”

Romero Duno

“I know that Delgado wanted to win this fight. I just do my job to make it a win so that Ryan Garcia will come to watch.”

“Yes, because I know that Ivan Delgado is a tough boxer. I know he always wants to win because he has a family that’s always supporting him.”

“I’m not lost in focus. I know that Ryan Garcia always wants to fight me. I know Ryan Garcia want to fight a tough boxer. If he gives me a chance to have a match with him, I’m always ready.”

Rafael Gramajo

On how he feels about the win after being added to the card with just one weeks’ notice: “I feel great. First of all I appreciate God for that, I want to appreciate my team, Westside Boxing, you guys already know how we do it. I feel great.”

How he felt coming into the fight: “I’m gonna beat that ass. Excuse me everybody but that’s what my goal is every time. I come here to win.”

“I could tell in every round. He felt my power and he just started running so I knew eventually it was coming.”

Does he want Rudy Garcia again next? “Any fight. Definitely, I’ll take that loss back, I’ll take my win, but I’ll take that fight or any other fight.


12-Round WBO Junior Middleweight Title Bout

Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KOs) stops Patrick Allotey (40-4, 30 KOs) by TKO (corner stoppage) at 2:18 of Round 4.

10-Round WBC and Vacant WBO Super Middleweight Title Bout

Franchon Crews-Dezurn (6-1, 2 KOs) defeats Maricela Cornejo (13-4, 5 KOs) by unanimous decision.

Scores: 98-92, 98-92, 97-93

10-Round NABO Super Lightweight Title Bout

Romero Duno (21-1, 16 KOs) defeats Ivan Delgado (13-3-2, 6 KOs) by TKO (corner stoppage) at the end of Round 7.

8-Round Lightweight Bout

Rafael Gramajo (11-2-2, 3 KOs) defeats Daniel Olea (13-9-2, 5 KOs) by TKO (corner stoppage) at the end of Round 4.