Ben Davison having none of Tyson Fury father calling for him to be sacked

Ben Davison

📸 Mikey Williams

Ben Davison has responded to Tyson Fury’s father calling for his entire team to be sacked following a victory over Otto Wallin.

Badly cut in the fight, Fury Sr. criticised the performance, saying he’d, ‘never seen his son so bad’ in the ring before.

Targeting a further drop in weight, which Fury says wasn’t needed, the ex-boxer laid the blame clearly on the young trainer.

“It’s a circus. If I had my way, the lot would be gone (Ben Davison and co.),” Fury told BT Sport Box Office.

“The lot would be gone. Looking at that there, if he keeps hold of that team, they are going to cost him his career. And I’ll say it live on TV.

“The team being Ben Davison, whoever he’s got around him now. He (Ben) needs to look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m not good enough’ and it’s proved it tonight.

“The cutman was the only worthwhile man in that team. Credit to him because how can you fix that? – They (the cutman) saved his life (career-wise).

“It would have been gone (if he was away from home with that cut).”

Despite Fury’s comments, Davison moved to point out it was Tyson who eventually had his hand raised after twelve hard rounds.

“He’s had a tough fight which clearly won, after being cut terribly not only 1 but 2 cuts. Sometimes you can’t win,” said Davison.


Fury Sr. did manage to give some praise, but only to his offspring.

“I’m very proud of the way he mauled his way through it. As he showed a world-class heart and he will come again.

“He needs to go back to the drawing board and see what’s gone wrong here.

“Things ain’t right and he needs to look where he’s gone wrong. I’ve half an idea.

“For a man after an eight-week camp to have no breath left after two rounds, what’s happening? “He’s got down to 254 pounds and his strength and power have gone with it. That wasn’t Tyson.”