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Fury opens up on Joshua phone calls, talks Ruiz Jr. strategy

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Tyson Fury hilariously revealed some of the conversations he shared with domestic foe Anthony Joshua behind closed doors.

The ‘Gypsy King’ admitted he turned to dialing Joshua’s number after being unable to connect with WBC titlist Deontay Wilder on the phone.

‘AJ’ recently confirmed his recent dialog with Fury during his three-day world tour to promote his upcoming rematch with Andy Ruiz Jnr.

Fury, who invades Las Vegas this weekend against Otto Wallin, was in great form as he opened up on what he and the former world champion talk about.

Tyson Fury on AJ calls

“I think he [Wilder] changed his number, or I’m blocked,” said Fury to BT Sport. “Sometimes I call him and say, ‘Hey AJ, how are you doing Mush.’ And then we go back and forth, and I tell him I will knock him out.

“He tells me he’s going to knock me out. And then I’ll say, ‘After your last performance, Mush, you’ll need a lot of improvement to knock me out.”

“I would have to, but logically, it depends on how you lose,” said Fury when asked if he’d give Andy Ruiz Jr. a rematch if he’d lost to him the way Joshua did.

“We’ve seen before where a man gets knocked out, and then he beats him in the rematch. We think of Rahman-Lewis.

“Rahman caught him with a big punch and got him. But in the rematch, Lewis was a bit more cautious. He took it more seriously and splattered him in the rematch.”

Joshua looks set to come in a lot lighter weight than his first outing against Ruiz, something many have been quick to point out with ‘AJ’ displaying a slender look.

When talking about Joshua’s crushing defeat to Ruiz at Madison Square Garden, Fury quickly dismissed the former’s claim about it being a “lucky punch” before assessing the Brit’s chances ahead of December 7th.

“From where I was sitting, it wasn’t a lucky punch. It wasn’t like he [Ruiz] was losing all the rounds. I thought he was winning the majority of the fight.

“And I see he’s lost some weight. I think he’s been taking what people say and is a little muscle on him.”

Joshua strategy

On Joshua’s strategy, Fury continued: “I think they’re going to try to lose weight and maneuver a lot. You can’t do that in one camp. That takes a lifetime of practice.

“We saw Tony Bellew try that against [Oleksandr] Usyk and copy my style. After seven rounds, his legs went. It’s effective. I’ve won 20 fights in a row with it.

“When someone practices something for eight to ten weeks, 12 weeks, and then they go into a fight and try to do it.

“As soon as they get clipped or get tired, they revert straight back to what they once knew. I’ve seen it many times.

“As soon as he holds his feet, and starts to fight back, that’s when he loses it. But if he can get on the jab and box and move, which I’ve never seen him do, amateur or pro, for 12 rounds, which for a heavyweight is very hard to do, he will have to stand and fight at some point.

“If he keeps running away from Ruiz with a jab, he’s not got the footwork to do that,” he predicted.