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Home » Ryan Garcia joins Canelo in going public with promoter frustration

Ryan Garcia joins Canelo in going public with promoter frustration

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A farcical turn of events transpired on Friday as Golden Boy star Ryan Garcia followed Canelo in going head-to-head with his promoters on social media.

‘King-Ry’ was unhappy at what he believes was a lack of transparency after becoming embroiled in a war of words with President Eric Gomez.

It all began when Garcia’s opponent Avery Sparrow was shockingly arrested with the clock ticking down on fight night.

Cops made their move despite having plenty of time previously to put a halt to Sparrow’s chances of boxing. This meant Garcia had just hours to secure a new opponent.

Gomez made a public statement revealing Romero Duno was ready to step in but publicly revealed that Garcia and his team turned down the bout.

A short time later, Garcia denied any such rejection and followed friend Canelo Alvarez in letting his fans know he was unhappy.

Canelo did similar when being stripped of the IBF middleweight title without being previously informed by Gomez.

It’s safe to say Garcia wasn’t willing to accept blame for his contest on DAZN falling apart.

Ryan Garcia’s feud with Golden Boy

“Since things have been put out there (by Gomez) I will clear all lies,” said Garcia. “DONT F***ING LIE! Get to the table,” he added.

Continuing his profanity-laden account, the young contender stated: “You can’t make this s*** up. They really put that s*** out there to cover s***. I did my Job.

“I really wish y’all didn’t have to put out f***ing lies! Sad asf! Never in my life have I ever said someone is too tough LMAOOO trying to cover there f*** up!

“You’ll do anything to make the blame on me! I had no clue Avery had a warrant! He got arrested! The card (is) in risk because I sold and got the viewers. Remember when I didn’t have value!

“Now a bulls*** story comes out that I’m scared of Duno! Peanuts I’ve been given. Guess what, I will continue to get peanuts, even though I move cards. I put people in seats, crazy how I get treated. F*** that, tell the truth.”

Responding, Gomez seemed to backtrack on his previous statement, by saying: “I want to clarify my previous quote. Team Garcia, not Ryan Garcia, declined the Duno fight since the trainer believed Duno was a tough opponent to take on 24 hour notice without proper preparation.”


Garcia hit straight back.

“My coach Eddy (Reynoso, Canelo’s coach too) never said that! How about let’s talk about the fight they just saying random stuff on Twitter?”

Former world champion Ishe Smith then aired his view, which was then shared by Garcia in agreement.

“All you had to say is the kid got arrested fights off. No one faults. To put out a quote making it seem your very own fighter is scared to fight someone is a bad look.

“No one should train for one guy for eight weeks, then have to switch on the weigh-in day. No Bueno.”

This second high-profile disgruntlement is proving more needs to be done to keep Golden Boy’s communications in-house.

Oscar De La Hoya is yet to make any formal comment on the situation as Garcia misses out on a big fight weekend.

The boxer, who has a huge Instagram and Twitter following, sold a mass of tickets and many fans will be highly disappointed.

Even a late bid to secure a couple of opponents fell apart, leaving Garcia to confirm on Friday he won’t be competing.

“Due to unfortunate events, I will not be fighting tomorrow. They (Golden Boy) will not be compromising on there mistakes!

“I did everything in my power I came in on weight and trained my ass off. God’s in control now the rest will take care of itself… Thank you for everyone’s support!”