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David Allen breaks silence following worrying tweet, takes break

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UK heavyweight David Allen has spoken out for the first time since removing himself from social media due to his current frame of mind.

Allen, who has admitted mental health issues in the past, doesn’t feel able to get himself into the correct shape for a fight next month.

‘The Doncaster De La Hoya’ was set to feature on the undercard of Robbie Davies Jr. v Lewis Ritson in Newcastle but will not take any part.

Dave Allen pulls out of fight

“I will not be fighting October 19,” Allen told his fans via Facebook. “My frame of mind is not one I believe I can put together any kind of training camp for this fight.

“Ultimately, physically, I’m not feeling ready to compete.

“I made and make comments all the time that people will question. Furthermore, (they) blow up to create headlines or drama. But for me, they’re just how I feel and the norm.

“I will be taking some time off social media. Spending time back in the real world. I feel this is something I have needed to do for a long time.

“I don’t have the want or the need for anyone’s sympathy, hatred or anything in between. I’ll be back, I always am, but I’m going to be David for a while because ‘The White Rhino’ is tired,” he concluded.

The withdrawal comes on the back of a worrying deleted tweet regarding suicide by the British contender.

“Always have an urge to blow my own brains out. It’s like an itch I’m too cowardly to scratch,” had been written by Allen before completely deleting his Twitter account.

Fans aired their concerns to promoter Eddie Hearn, urging the Matchroom boss to pull his fighter out.

Allen has now taken the matter into his own hands.


Whether a return is possible in 2019 is highly doubtful for Allen due to a packed recent schedule and a damaging loss to David Price.

Hearn was initially criticised for announcing Allen on the card following a London beatdown by Price over the summer.

Gladly, common sense all round has come to the fore.

WBN would like to wish David Allen well until he’s once again ready to resume his career.

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