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David Allen causes worry, deletes Twitter account after post

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Heavyweight boxer David Allen has been the subject of concern on Thursday after posting a worrying tweet on social media.

‘The Doncaster De La Hoya’ has deleted his Twitter account following a shocking revelation on his mental state.

Allen, who is due to return to the ring in Newcastle next month, responded to a question with a mention of suicide.

Dave Allen posts concerning tweet

“Always have an urge to blow my own brains out. It’s like an itch I’m too cowardly to scratch,” Allen stated.

Fans, of which Allen has many due to his likeable personality, have urged promoter Eddie Hearn to intervene.

One said: “Dave Allen seems to of deleted his Twitter shortly after saying this. I really hope he gets the help he obviously needs and that Hearn stops churning him out no matter how much he tells me he’s ok to fight.

“Eddie really does need to take some responsibility with this going forward.”

Another added: “F***ing sad to see what’s going on with Dave Allen. Obviously had his demons anyway but I can’t help but think it’s been made worse by the constant praise on here.

“The best thing he can do is try to get whatever help he can. For the love of God, never set foot in a ring again.”

Fans back Alle

Further comments stated: “Hope Dave Allen is alright. Top man.” and “Never personally met Dave Allen but I’m a massive fan. I honestly hope he gets all the help he needs. Mental health isn’t a joke.”

With a fight in the pipeline, that place on the Robbie Davies Jr. vs Lewis Ritson undercard has now come under considerable doubt.

The mental state of a fighter heading into a bout where he could get badly hurt is of paramount importance.

It’s less than two months since Liverpool puncher David Price inflicted a brutal beating on Allen over ten rounds at the O2 Arena.

Something needs to be done to make completely sure the 27 year-old is able to mentally compete in a TV contest on October 19.

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