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Home » Coach knew Anthony Joshua was concussed, a ‘deadly’ situation

Coach knew Anthony Joshua was concussed, a ‘deadly’ situation

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Anthony Joshua’s trainer Robert McCracken has been heavily criticised over the admission he allowed the British heavyweight to fight concussed.

McCracken revealed the shock details in an interview with the BBC, having assessed the situation against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Joshua was put down four times in the fight and eventually stopped in the seventh. It’s since been claimed AJ was at risk of death due to the decision of McCracken in New York.

Anthony Joshua concussed

“I know him better than all these experts who virtually don’t know him or have met him once or twice. I knew he was concussed and I’m trying to get him through a few more rounds, one round at a time. To see where he’s at,” McCracken said to the BBC.

“‘Can he recover? Can he get back into this?’ – But he was glazy-eyed from when he got caught with that initial shot in round three.

Robert McCracken
Mark Robinson

“He carried that with him up until the end. It’s a nightmare situation, pro boxing is deadly. You’re in the corner with a heavyweight not responding as he should.”

Since the loss, Joshua has been urged to switch coaches. The Londoner ignored the calls to stay loyal to McCracken.


The Team GB Head of Boxing Development has now been questioned again by fans on social media.

“I’m not going to read the story about AJ’s concussion because of the paper carrying it – but if McCracken knew AJ was concussed then he should have stopped it. End of story,” said one commenter.

Another stated: “If McCracken knew Joshua was concussed he should have pulled him. End of. Boy could have died.

“A concussion isn’t going to go away in a few rounds. Especially when another heavyweight is punching you in the head.”

A further post added: “This REALLY isn’t a good look for Rob McCracken. As a trainer, you have a duty of care to your fighter. If you leave him in knowing he’s concussed, you are abandoning your duty of care. Disgraceful.”

A rematch between Joshua and Ruiz is set for December in Saudi Arabia, with McCracken still a firm fixture in the corner.

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