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Argentine legend Sergio Martinez gets back in the ring

Fans were pleased to see South American legend and now promoter Sergio Martinez back in action after an absense of five years.

The Cycling Club of Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina, was the scene of an exhibition fight which starred the former WBC middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council.

Local fighter, ex-WBC Continental Champion of the Americas, Ulises “Cloroformo” López was in the opposite corner.

The first to get into the ring was “Chloroform,” who was greeted with a standing ovation. Then “Maravilla” was treated to rapturous applause.

Martínez and López fulfilled the promised show and exchanged blows in a Genial atmosphere, leaving the audience very happy.

José Gómez, head of the Sports Secretariat of the province of Entre Ríos, handed Maravilla a commemorative plaque for his visit to the city of Paraná.

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