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Exclusive: Matthew Hatton discusses current stable

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Having fought at the highest level, winning the European title as well as sharing the ring with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Matthew Hatton is in a good place to be passing on his boxing knowledge to the next generation.

Hatton currently has a gym in his hometown of Stockport. Matthew recently gave WBN an update on what’s become a bustling place to work.

Matthew Hatton talks to World Boxing News

“It’s pretty busy at the gym now,” Hatton told World Boxing News. “I’ve got a boxing gym that’s been open two years now.

“We do all sorts at the gym, we have got professionals, got amateurs there. Really busy at the moment, training fighters and managing fighters.

“Boxing has always been my passion and it still is to this day. I was a very determined hardworking fighter. I always put 100% into my training and that’s what I expect now as a coach.

“Quite a few people have been asked to leave the gym due to training the boys tough.

“They have got to want it and the have got to be dedicated. I need them to show commitment. If they don’t have these things then they are in the wrong sport.”

Some boxers, in fact sportspeople in general, struggle to adapt to life without competing once they retire. But Hatton always felt coaching was an area he would become involved in.

“I always had one eye on being a coach,” he explains. “When I was boxing, I fought all over the world. I’ve been in training camps all over the world.

“I worked with some of the best trainers, picked up little bits from each of the trainers I’ve worked with. Obviously I have put my own spin on it.

“I’ve been in the boxing game a long time now so my boxing knowledge is there now. I really enjoy the training. Hopefully, some of my guys have a bright future.”


Hatton mentioned some boxers from his stable, who he expects big things from.

“I’ve got a lad called Andrew Kremner, he is 9-1,” Hatton pointed out. “He’s fighting in September then he is going to be in a big local rival, domestic fight in November hopefully. Andy is a welterweight who we have high hope’s for.

“I’ve got another lad Jack Booth, who is a great story. He boxed for Paramount ABC, the club who use my gym and the amateur set up.

“I’m hoping that’s going to be a trend for the future. I’m all about supporting, giving the local lads an opportunity.

“Jack is Stockport born and bred, boxed for Paramount. He came straight through Paramount into the professional’s now. Jack’s a throwback fighter, strong, heavy-handed and he is going to be in some entertaining fights.”

One fighter from the stable who done well recently is Damian Chambers, he appeared on the most recent Ultimate Boxxer, losing the final against Mikael Lawal.

“He’s a big cruiserweight is Damian Chambers. He got to the final of the Ultimate Boxxer tournament this year. Damian is such an exciting fighter to watch.

“You saw glimpses of what he can do in Ultimate Boxxer but he can box a lot better than that.

“He will learn from the experience. Damian is another one who is 9-1 now. Such a great fighter to watch, very explosive. Of his nine wins, five have been first-round knockouts. So he certainly is going to be in some exciting fights,” Hatton predicted in conclusion.

By Mick Kane.