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Exclusive: Manny Pacquiao likened to David Beckham

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Known as the people’s champion, the legacy of eight-weight world title holder Manny Pacquiao is one that will live on forever. Likened now to David Beckham.

‘Pacman’ is the sport’s only eight-weight ruler and has been involved in some of boxing’s biggest moments, including the most lucrative bout in history against Floyd Mayweather.

However, unlike Floyd, Pacquiao doesn’t have an obsession with his fight cheques. Instead, he is focused on helping those in desperate need from the Philippines and across the globe.

When he isn’t winning title after title in the ring, the 40-year-old is serving his role as a Senator back in his native.

Pacquiao has even admitted in the past to donating up to $200 million on projects to help the less fortunate.

Manny Pacquiao advisor speaks to World Boxing News

His advisor, Sean Gibbons, exclusively spoke to World Boxing News to chat about Pacquiao’s generosity.

Manny Pacquiao Sean Gibbons
Stephanie Trapp

“That’s what’s even bigger than boxing. Floyd Mayweather, all these other fighters, Errol Spence Jr. They can go around, and they can talk boxing – that’s what they do.

“They can talk about flying around the world, buying jewellery. This guy is a humanitarian. He builds homes, hospitals, saves lives,” he said.

“One time there was a guy in an ice cream vender down the street, he bought some ice cream off him and he’s talking to the guy. This guy explains ‘I have nothing’. He buys the man a house.


“I get chills when I talk about it. He’s so much bigger than boxing. He’s an icon in his country and he’s a senator. He could reach higher in office one day. But what he does, if you could see a day in his life how many people come to him for help and what they need and in the political field, that’s what’s really special about this guy.

“He knows what it’s like to have nothing and what it’s like to have everything. But he gives as much as he can back. Sometimes too much. He needs to think of himself and his family!

“But through his political goals, I’m telling you some of the stuff he does that people don’t see is amazing. He’s like a David Beckham, they’re bigger than the sport. They do so much work around the world through UNICEF and helping people everywhere.”

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