Magomed Abdusalamov’s lawyer fights on for passing of ‘Mago’s Law’

Magomed Abdusalamov

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Paul Edelstein, the attorney for stricken boxer Magomed Abdusalamov, wants safety in the sport to be improved following with the passing of Mago’s Law.

The newly-targeted legislation is named for Abdusalamov, who in 2013 sustained severe brain damage after negligent care following a match at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

Mago received a settlement in 2017 for $22 million from the State of New York.

On September 4, 2019, the jury which had convened on behalf of Mr. Magomed Abdusalamov’s medical malpractice case against the three doctors who were implicated in the case.

Dr. Gerald Varlotta, Dr. Osric King and Dr. Anthony Curreri was resolved prior to commencement of jury selection for an undisclosed and confidential sum of money.

The resolution of the case will provide Mago and his family with the financial support they need and deserve. But Mago’s fight won’t end today. The settlement is a clear indication that more needs to be done to protect athletes who put themselves in danger for the entertainment and profit of others.

As Mago’s case was being litigated, three boxers died. Others were seriously injured. They were struck with life-altering brain damage.

Much or all of these unnecessary injuries and deaths can be prevented by improved medical and safety protocols. Like what is being proposed by way of Mago’s Law.

Influenced by what happened to Mago, the late Senator John McCain proposed a unified federal boxing standard which will improve fighter safety.

They were not adopted which often results in the safety of boxers like Mago being left in the hands of physicians who are not necessarily trained or qualified to recognize the signs of brain injury.

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Mago is a real warrior. He’s a survivor and he will never give up the fight for change.

“Mago and I will continue to work hard on this important and on-going case and pending law. We will not stop until more is done to protect all who are involved, said Edelstein.

Mr. Edelstein is a personal injury lawyer and partner of Edelstein’s Faegenburg & Brown based in NYC. He is the lawyer working to substantiate Mago’s Law, which establishes a uniform and consistent benchmark for care of athletes in violent sports.

Edelstein, one of New York State’s leading personal injury attorneys and an advocate for athletes, is one of the most passionate voices working to implement Mago’s Law.

Furthermore, Mr. Edelstein’s awareness and willingness to execute reforms will hopefully help prevent future tragedies from happening in the future.


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