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Home » Manny Pacquiao boxer son Jimuel offered ‘lead Hollywood movie role’

Manny Pacquiao boxer son Jimuel offered ‘lead Hollywood movie role’

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Manny Pacquiao’s business manager, Arnold Vegafria has revealed a movie role offer for the Filipino Senator’s oldest son.

Pacquiao Jr. (also known by the name Jimuel) is attempting to follow in his father’s footsteps as a boxer. Pacquiao is allowing his son to try all manner of opportunities which arise and one of them has now come from Hollywood.

According to, Jimuel has caught the eye of executives in American for a film set to be shot in the US, Japan and his home country of the Philippines.

Vegafria outlined the offer by saying: “Because of the videos he has (boxing on the internet) they have noticed his boxing skills. Then looking at his potential action skills. It’s interesting them too because Jimuel has good looks. We hope the offer will be good for us, ” he told Philstar, translated from: “Kasi, because of the videos yata niya, iyong mga boxing niya.

“About boxing yata iyong film. So, nakikita iyong boxing skills niya, saka iyong action skills niya. So, nagkainteres. E, guwapo naman si Jimuel! Sana, matuloy. Pag natuloy, better for us.”

The only stumbling block for Jimuel is the possibility filming could cut into study time, something Pacquiao Sr. is keen to avoid.

“I do not know if MP Manny Pacquiao will agree and if he lets his child (do the movie). After all, Jimuel is in college,” added Vegafria, translated from: “’Di ko pa alam kung papayag si MP Manny Pacquiao. Kung papayagan niya iyong anak niya. Kasi, nasa college na si Jimuel. Nasa La Salle na eh.”


“But if confirmed, we will know by this year. The final script is not done yet. Then, of course, we have to work out a filming schedule. Because of course, he cannot stop learning or training (to film the movie),” concluded, translated from: “Kung ma-confirm, malalaman natin by this year. Wala pa iyong final script, e. Then, siyempre, ano iyong package. Kasi siyempre, stop sa pag-aaral, sa pagte-train.”

Since entering the boxing arena alongside his late schooling, Pacquiao has amassed a 4-1-1 amateur record. Recently, Pacquiao suffered his first loss.

Facing a 15 year-old opponent in Ken Danila, Pacquiao realise how hard the fight game can be.

It’s unknown whether the chance to movie into acting would mean the end of his boxing career moving forward.