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Home » Exclusive: Chris Eubank Jr. talks Gogglebox run, second series

Exclusive: Chris Eubank Jr. talks Gogglebox run, second series

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Although the boxing ring is his place of work, an environment where the world’s media aim their cameras at him, Chris Eubank Jr. admits that his recent run on Channel 4 television show, Gogglebox, was a ‘great experience’.

Alongside his father, Chris Eubank Sr., the pair enjoyed several portions of entertainment courtesy of television and film.

The super-middleweight contender would welcome the opportunity to partake again if it didn’t interfere with a fighting schedule, which remains his priority.

“There’s talk of doing it again next year,” revealed Eubank Jr. when speaking exclusively to World Boxing News. “The feedback that the show had was very positive.

“If another run on the show can be agreed then it’s something me and my father would definitely consider.

“It was very strange having that many cameras in my face up close and it was very different from being in the ring where cameras are constantly on you.

“Once I got used to it then things became very easy and it was great to spend some real time with my dad.”

With the Eubank’s earning wide acclaim for their stint on the hit series, it comes as no surprise that organisers of the show are prepared to welcome back the fighting family for yet another appearance.

A vast portion of their relationship is centred on boxing, a sport that both have exceled in. The Gogglebox experience was one that allowed the pair to escape boxing for a brief moment as they bonded on the sofa whilst providing their opinions on contemporary television.

Eubank Jr joked that the break from discussing shop with his father was a welcome relief.

“All we ever do is discuss boxing and talk about my career, so to spend some proper time with my dad away from boxing without those pressures was time that I enjoyed.

“My dad is invested in my career in a big way. He has been from the very beginning so it’s understandable that he takes such a keen interest in my boxing.

“Gogglebox allowed us to move away from that for just a short period, but the fact that he joyed it means that I also enjoyed it.

“It was great to just spend time with him away from boxing,” the two-time IBO super-middleweight champion concluded.

By Chris Walker.