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Manny Pacquiao’s son Manny Jr. (Jimuel), 18, loses bout to 15 year-old

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Manny Pacquiao’s son Manny Jr., also known as Jimuel, has vowed not to retire despite losing to a fighter with only three months experience.

The 18 year-old suffered defeat to a teenage boxer three years his junior on Saturday. Pacquiao went down to a split decision against Ken Danila.

Pacquiao was competing in a three-round exhibition match at the Johnny Bravo boxing gym in his homeland of the Philippines.

Afterward, young Pacquiao spoke to The Manila Times to confirm he will not be walking away from the sport.

“I will continue boxing,” vowed Pacquiao’s eldest offspring, who is now 4-1-1 in boxing bouts.

His opponent is hoping the win can catapult him to a pro run, despite his tender years.

“I want to become a world champion and to turn pro,” the schoolboy told The Manila Times. “I’ve been boxing for only three months.”

Citing Pacquiao’s father as his idol, Danila can now enjoy a considerable boost to his own career following the win.


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