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Eddie Hearn explains YouTuber u-turn

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When two YouTubers decided to stage a boxing fight in 2018 Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn was one of the first to ridicule the event.

Fast forward a year, and Hearn is now center stage as KSI and Logan Paul trade blows after being helped by the promoter to turn professional.

Explaining his decision to make a massive u-turn having witnessed the pair make a small fortune in Manchester, Hearn labelled the first fight a ‘phenomenon’.

“Thirteen months ago when the first fight took place I smirked and pondered how embarrassing it would be to stage this event in a 20,000 seater arena,” said Hearn.

“What I saw was a phenomenon. A sold out arena, over one million PPV buys but more importantly an energy of a new audience to the sport of boxing.

“When I was asked to be involved in the rematch it got me excited but I had some requests to help integrate the two audiences. I requested that both fighters turn professional. That they undergo the same medicals that any other fighter would.

“I asked that the fighters lose the headguards and use 10oz gloves. If we are going to do this then let’s do it properly.

“Both men obliged and now they prepare for war on November 9. This event will be huge. It will have a World championship card beneath an event that will create a hype for boxing not seen in the US for a long time.

“STAPLES Center will be sold out. A new audience will join our great sport. Tune in live on DAZN.”

As DAZN were confirmed for TV rights in the United States, UK fans are now bracing themselves for a Pay-Per-View announcement.

The recently official World Boxing Super Series Final takes place just two weeks before the YouTube fight. This means the potential for two Sky Sports Box Office cards in a fortnight.

DAZN doesn’t hold TV clout in the UK boxing market due to Matchroom holding exclusivity with Sky.

Fans took to social media to makes their paid platform guesses.

“No shame probably ppv as well”

“Ppv most likely”

“ppv in the UK??”

“I wonder if @EddieHearn will put KSI Vs Logan Paul 2 on PPV aswell”

“Tell me this isn’t PPV???”

“People are slating it but will get more PPV buys that cards with well know boxers on it haha”

!Ha ha of course it’s ppv, and let me tell you something that’s a FACT….BILLY JOE SAUNDERS IS ON THE UNDERCARD…NO JOKE”

“Of course it’ll be PPV, he’s not stupid. Almost 10M followers between on here and I bet almost 40M on YouTube. All about the money.”

“To the people complaining- this will get more PPV buys than 95% of other matchroom cards and will bring a younger audience to boxing and hopefully inspire a new generation to try the sport. The closed door syndrome is what’s pushing people towards MMA. Embrace it.”