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Exclusive: Mick Learmonth talks Ultimate Boxxer bill

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Not many people move from rugby league to boxing; however, 7-0 cruiserweight Mick Learmonth is one boxer who has swapped the 13-man code to stand on his own two feet in a ring.

Hailing from Leeds, the 24-year-old southpaw has fought exclusively at Elland Road in a conference suite at the home of Leeds United.

Next month, he ventures to London to take part in an undercard fight at Ultimate Boxxer at the O2 Arena.

Learmonth spoke exclusively to WBN about his forthcoming bout.

“Yes, I am looking forward to a change of venue and scenery,” Learmonth told World Boxing News. “It will also be great for my people to travel to a different place. To give them that experience too.”

Ultimate Boxxer IV staged its own cruiserweight tournament in July. Learmonth would welcome being part of any future cruiserweight Ultimate Boxxer.

“To take part in one of their tournaments one day would be great. But as of now, I am more than happy to be fighting on their card,” he pointed out.

As of yet, an opponent is still to be announced for Learmonth. He himself doesn’t know who he will face and is happy to leave that up to his team.

“I’m not too sure,” Learmonth said. “If I’m honest, I always leave that up to my manager, Mark Bateson, and Coach Padraic McDonagh.

“I trust them enough to build me up properly. To get me the right fights at the right time and train me as needs be to win!”

Having transitioned from rugby league, Learmonth feels he has utilized the physical aspects of the game to bring it over to boxing.

“Rugby taught me a lot of great things,” explains Learmonth. “A lot of mental attributes as well as physical. But mostly, I think I carried the physical side with me into boxing, especially with my legs being strong in stance, inside, etc.”

Learmonth is not one to look too far into the future. He’s happy to take each fight as they come.

“At the minute, I’m just looking from fight to fight. I have personal goals that I want to achieve, but as for boxing, I’m just trying to enjoy my journey and where it may take me.”

By Mick Kane.