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Home » Omar Juarez proves he’s more than a boxer with new honor

Omar Juarez proves he’s more than a boxer with new honor

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The week of August 17-24 was quite a week for Brownsville’s undefeated boxing sensation, Omar “El Relampago” Juarez. What was supposed to be a quiet week of resting for his fight the 24th, rapidly turned into a dizzying cascade of honors and recognition’s for Omar.

On Saturday the August 17th, the week started with a report by the Brownsville Herald detailing how the Texas Education Agency published the grades given to the Texas school districts, and BISD scored among the highest in the state for the 2018-2019 school year. This is the same school year where Omar spoke to over 35,000 students and staff about achieving your goals. The correlation speaks for itself.

Next, On Tuesday, the 20th of August, Omar received a proclamation of recognition from the Texas State Senate for his work with the BISD school district where he has presented motivational speeches to over 35,000 students and staff since 2016.

That honor was followed by a recognition by the Texas House of Representatives for this same work. Finally, Omar was recognized with yet another proclamation by the Brownsville City Commission.

Finally, the week culminated with Omar winning his 5th professional fight in McAllen, Texas on August 24th where he won by sensational knockout in the round one. His record now stands at 5-0 with 3 KOs, (2 KOs in the first round).

Omar is showing how his hard work and contributions to society are beginning to get notice.