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How to Place Bets on Boxing Matches

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The online gambling industry is growing fast thanks to new technologies and the increasing number of online gambling sites and gamblers.

Online gambling sites allow gamers to play a wide variety of casino games and place bets on various sports. When it comes to online casinos, players have many options including slot games, baccarat, poker, blackjack and many more. Those interested in online slots/pokies can easily find and play them on reputable sites like Australian Pokies Site for real money. Sports lovers can also bet on virtually any sport including football, hockey, basketball, and boxing.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports and a potentially lucrative business for modern-day bookmakers. The sport is also a great option for fans looking to place bets on boxing matches. People who have never placed bets on boxing matches need to know a number of things before placing their bets. Let’s find out what everyone needs to know about betting on boxing matches.

Know the Most Popular Types of Bets

Just like when betting on other sports, boxing fans can choose from several bets depending on their preferences. Here are the most common types of bets in boxing:

  • Bout Betting – If you’ve ever placed bets on other sports, you’ve probably heard of moneyline bets whereby you bet on the team you think will win. Bout betting is based on the same rules because you simply place your bet on the fighter you think will win the match. There is a draw option, too! When you look at the odds, you’ll realize that the draw option always has long odds because draws do not occur frequently in boxing matches. Generally, bout betting is the most common type of bet in boxing.
  • Over/Under Bets – Over/Under bets allow bettors to predict whether the match will last for more or less than the allocated number of rounds. For instance, if you placed your bet on over 8.5 rounds you would win if the match lasted 10 rounds and lose if the match lasted 8 rounds. Clearly, this type of bet is riskier than bout betting.
  • Round Betting – There are two options in round betting. The first one simply involves picking the boxer who is likely to win and in which round they will win. The second type of round betting is similar to the first one but offers more flexibility. You have to predict which boxer will win and in which group of rounds.
  • Method of Victory – As the name suggests, this type of bet is all about predicting who will win the match and how the winner will be decided. The winning can win the match by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, decision, or technical decision.
  • Fight to Go the Distance – Sometimes a match may not last all rounds due to certain reasons. With this in mind, you may decide to bet on whether or not the match will last all twelve rounds. This is a straightforward bet because it’s purely a yes or no bet.

Keep an Eye on Your Favorite Boxer and Fight Schedules

The best bettors are always aware of what is happening in their area of interest. As a boxing bettor, you need to know what’s is happening to the fighters you are most likely to bet on and check boxing match schedules to know when they will have a match. You need to keep track of the fighters’ past matches, match outcomes, and what they have been doing lately. Have they been sick? Are they psychologically and physically fit for the match you want to bet on? These are some of the questions you should be answering before placing your bet.

Choose the Right Bookmaker

There are all kinds of bookmakers including those offering boxing betting options. You may know a lot about your favorite boxer and the different types of bets, but you could end up losing everything if you choose the wrong bookmaker. There are at least three things to keep in mind when choosing a bookmaker. First, you must choose a trustworthy bookmaker because you don’t want to be conned by rogue bookmakers. The best bookmakers have licenses from reputable licensing organizations. Check the footer section of their website for license information.

Secondly, you want to choose bookmakers that will offer the best value for your money. There is no need to place huge bets only to get peanuts when your bet wins. A good bookmaker will give you favorable odds on the bets you want to make regardless of which type of bet you choose. Thirdly, good bookmakers know how to keep you coming back by offering promotions. Some promotions may come before boxing events while others target new or existing customers. Whether they are free bets or discounts, they will certainly encourage you to play again. The best way to find the best deals is to compare various bookmakers.

Good luck and remember to bet responsibly.