Coldwell fighters Gill and Price gain valuable Wild Card experience in L.A.

With August once seen as boxing’s down season, Dave Coldwell ignored tradition this month as members of his thriving stable joined the Sheffield trainer in Los Angeles for some intense preparations.

Jordan Gill and Hopey Price, two fighters who Coldwell has big plans for, spent the best part of two weeks frequenting the finest gyms of California as they sparred several leading names to aid their training for the upcoming season. Coldwell was delighted with how his charges performed.

“It was basically a two-week strict camp,” beamed Coldwell moments after landing on U.K. soil. “Jordan and Hopey remained disciplined out there with their diets and training and no corners where cut whatsoever.

“They spent time in the Wild Card gym where there’s always something going on and they had a good time in Manny Robles gym too. There was lots for the lads to learn and they were sharing the ring with some very good names, but they acquitted themselves well and everyone was impressed with the work my guys put in.

“We used Freddie Roach’s gym as our main base throughout the trip and having the opportunity to be around Freddie and his team was a brilliant experience for us all. Jordan was sparring great fighters like Manny Robles Jr, Lee Selby and Golden Boy’s prospect, Victor Morales Jr, and Hopey had the chance to spend time in the ring with Toka Kahn and Brandon Valdes. This was amazing for the lads and it was made possible with help from Real Boxing Only gym in Dubai. They’ve been brilliant supporting me and we’ll be back out there before the end of the year.”

Coldwell also added, “This was about taking the team out of their comfort zones and taking them to a place where it was going to be hard and fighters were going to be in their face without caring about their reputation. The trip was a massive success and both Jordan and Hopey have learnt so much from it. It’s something I’d recommend to all up and coming fighters and it’s definitely a trip that we’ll be making again.”