Deontay Wilder reveals major reason why he chose to rematch Luis Ortiz

Deontay Wilder Luis Ortiz

📸 Douglas Defelice

Since his crushing first-round KO of fellow American Dominic Breazeale, Deontay Wilder has revealed what he has been up to since taking time out the ring.

After a manic 12 months, which has seen fights with Breazeale and Tyson Fury, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has focused on his family duties and charity work.

Speaking about his much-needed break before gearing up for a return towards the end of the year, the WBC king told Premier Boxing Champions: “I been doing a lot of travelling. I’ve spent a lot of time with family, been doing a lot of charity work. I got two events coming up.

“I’m making a couple of decisions, writing off different cheques and stuff like that. I have been spending my time productively that’s for sure.

“I got a couple of projects going on personally with my homes in different areas so that’s been crazy. Just been in different States travelling getting things done so there’s been a lot of things going on with me.

“I’m just living man, just doing my job as the champ trying to give back as well as you know, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

“I’m just ready to get back, I’m getting that itch to get ready to get back into camp and do what I gotta do.

“It’s just been an exciting time for boxing overall. Just a great time to be a heavyweight. I’m just ready to get back in there and do what I do best.”


Wilder will soon return to camp with Jay Deas ahead of his upcoming 10th defense of his famous WBC green-and-gold belt against Luis Ortiz.

WBN was exclusively informed about the rematch between Wilder and ‘King Kong’ being scheduled for November 9th.

When explained his decision to face Ortiz, Wilder vowed to add another KO to his record and get rid of any uncertainties from the first bout.

“With Ortiz, there was a controversy about if they gave me more time (to recover). You know the first time around the commentators did a lot of damage,” Wilder exclusively told WBN.

“They made it seem like when the referee called me over, he was giving me extra energy or extra time to breathe. I don’t know where they get that from, but some people ran with that.

“Besides that, another reason why I’m fighting Ortiz is because no one else wants to fight him. They always say he’s old but no one at the top is giving him his opportunity.

“Of course, I’ve got ties to Ortiz dealing with his daughter (a rare skin condition) and my daughter (spina bifida). So that’s the reason I blessed him the first time.

“I’ll be honored to bless him again because none of these guys want to fight him. I’ll beat him a second time and then come to Tyson Fury.”