Heel Turn: Some UK fans are loving the new obnoxious Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua Gumshield

📸 Ed Mulholland

A new media offensive by Anthony Joshua has seemingly been backed by a portion of supporters in his home country.

Joshua revealed a new obnoxious persona in an interview with Sky Sports labelled; ‘AJ – The Untold Truth’ with Anna Woolhouse.

To be quite blunt, the title is rather misinforming as Joshua calling the last undisputed king Lennox Lewis ‘a clown’ and saying Andy Ruiz beat him with ‘a lucky punch’ is far from that truth.

But saying that, whatever Joshua is doing it’s working with the UK fanbase. They seem to be lapping up the new honest AJ.

Comments made to Woolhouse have since been responded to with glee.

Joshua said: “I don’t know what concussion is, but for sure, after the fight I didn’t know what round (the fight ended).

“So I’m just shocked it took Ruiz Jr another four rounds to get me out.

“Let me concuss Ruiz Jr – he won’t get back up.

“Ruiz Jr got hit by a flash knock-down – he was still raw, he wasn’t well-done, he wasn’t cooked yet. I should have left him a little bit longer. But the instinct in me was: ‘Boom!’

“I ended up getting caught with a left hook on the top of the head.”

On what Ruiz does well and how he’ll handle a return, Joshua added: “He ain’t that skilful. He’s a good fighter.

Do what I did in round three, but with more silky skill. And that was easy to put him down. So I need to be smarter, next time.

“I wasn’t boxing properly. Skipping around the ring like a marathon runner. Dancing around the ring.

“It was never the game-plan to have my arms low, and be over my front foot,” he concluded.

Upon hearing the comments and reacting to a WBN article questioning Joshua’s ‘heel turn’, Brits were thankful for the new spiteful attitude.

One stated: “At least he’s being himself these days and not that media trained Matchroom Robot. I prefer it personally.”

Another said: “He’s trying to get the edge back and this is his way of doing it. He’s been too nice.”

A further commenter added: “This is the real AJ. I wish he was like this from the start instead of that media puppet he was when he turned pro. Personally, I like this version better he’s at least more interesting now even if he is being a dick head.”


On the other hand, there are some who see it as a contrived or bad move.

“He (AJ) is acting like a total FUD! Lennox could arguably be classed as the No1 Heavyweight of all time!”

“His true colours are appearing you can only hide them for so long. A lot of people that knew him over the years before he was famous have always said he’s not a nice person. Andy will knock him out again anyway his style is a nightmare for anyone.”

“Dillian Whyte said all along he was a fraud.”

“What a joke. All that happened was that his weak chin got exposed. I use to think Wilder vs Joshua was the fight to make but that would be over very, very quickly.”

“So Andy Ruiz threw a lot of lucky punches in that fight? He was down multiple times! Lol!”

“It’s called an Ass Whoopin!..point..blank..period..it does something to you mentally.”

“He can’t keep saying ‘stay humble’ whilst appearing on the side of Lucozade bottles for £10m then fighting in human rights catastrophe zone Saudi Arabia for £40m. Biggest hypocrite in boxing. Much prefer this honest side.”