EXCLUSIVE: ‘Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao a different battle now’

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

Sean Gibbons continues his exclusive interview with World Boxing News as he addresses the rematch rumors between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao further.

With 4.6m PPV buys in the US for their ‘Fight of the Century’ in 2015, a second bout would seem certain to break the two million barrier.

Since Pacquiao joined PBC and Al Haymon, speculation has mounted on the pair reigniting their feud – something Mayweather has recently laughed off.

Gibbons, the President of MP Promotions, cast his thoughts on whether the showdown would be a success.

“No matter when that fights made, it’s always going to be difficult because of Floyd’s style. That’s what is great about it,” Gibbons exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Both of them adding an extra couple of extra years, maybe that brings a different stylistic battle to the fight.

“The winner I hope would be the fans. I hope it would be more entertaining and Manny would come out on top.”


Addressing a prediction from WBN that the fight would make at least 2m in sales, Gibbons stated: “I think it would do very well that’s all I will say.

“If there wasn’t an interest in the fight, you wouldn’t be discussing it, it wouldn’t be all over social media.

“Mayweather wouldn’t be out there talking about ‘my legacy is better. I have this I have that, Manny’s using my name.’

“We don’t use Floyd’s name; we’re not chasing Mayweather. If the opportunity presents itself, it’d be great, it’d be fun. It’s just another fight that’s out there for him.”


Speaking about WBN’s current pound-for-pound rankings, where Pacquiao is third on the list and number one in the divisional welterweight ratings due to his many achievements, he added: “Number one welterweight in the world? I think so, I agree with that.

“You could put all the (welterweight) names into the hat, Spence, Crawford and the Senator. It’s a toss it up. On any given night, maybe any guy can beat any guy, depending what happens.

“But the Senator absolutely earned the right after beating Keith Thurman because people don’t realize that man can fight. He can box, he’s athletic and can punch.

“Thurman beat Danny Garcia, he beat Shawn Porter. So that win (for Pacquiao) I’m telling you; I’m still ranking that up as one of the Senator’s best wins ever because of the difference in skill and the age. Plus, who Thurman had fought and beat.

“At this moment, he’s right up there in the top three (with Spence and Crawford),” concluded Gibbons.