Floyd Mayweather hailed as ‘best ever’ due to Manny Pacquiao ‘schooling’

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Esther Lin

Retired legend Floyd Mayweather has been hailed as the best ever, but at the same time told he would be a FLOP in the bareknuckle ring.

Manny Pacquiao’s win over Keith Thurman has forced Glenn McCrory to reassess his list of best fighters in history.

The former IBF cruiserweight champion and TV pundit has put Mayweather at the top, ahead of Sugar Ray Robinson.

“Mayweather’s legacy gets better as time goes go by,” said McCrory.

“We’ve just seen what Pacquiao did to Thurman. Mayweather didn’t just beat Pacquiao, he schooled him.

“I never thought I would find myself saying it, but I think Mayweather is the greatest of all time. I wasn’t really a fan of his style.

“I’m a fighting man. But if you were trying to teach your son how to box, you would teach him to box like Mayweather.

“He fought the best, he beat them – and he barely took a punch.”

Mayweather was a master of boxing, but in the bareknuckle version of the sport, Jimmy Sweeney is regarded as No 1.

The Irish ring magician puts his world lightweight championship on the line against Jean Carlos Prada at London’s O2 Indigo on Saturday, September 14

“Jimmy has a unique style that works,” said McCrory. “Bareknuckle boxing is all about hitting and not getting hit and nobody does that better than Jimmy.

“You can’t block shots on your arms and gloves like Mayweather used to because you will bust your arm muscles.

“You have to be in and out. Jimmy has the technique – and he knows how to put opponents off by waving his hands in front of them.”