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Exclusive: Golovkin under legal fire from ex-management team

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Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin’s former management team of the Hermann Brothers have informed WBN, through their lawyer John Wirt, that further legal action will be triggered against the DAZN star.

Due to sweeping changes across the representation of Golovkin in recent times, the Hermann Brothers have found themselves backed into a corner.

Outlining their forthcoming actions, Golovkin now faces questions about firing his long-term handlers, Plus his highly respected coach at Big Bear.

Tom Loeffler remains the promoter of Golovkin, but as the Hermann Brothers explained, in a significantly different position.

“The case did not settle at the mediation. We are going forward with our claims in the case pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court,” the statement sent to World Boxing News explains. “The Hermann Brothers are seeking unpaid commissions owed to them for managing GGG.

“As set forth in our cross-complaint, the Hermann Brothers managed GGG for over ten years. They got him out of a bad deal he had with a former promoter. The Hermann Brothers also assembled a first-class team of professionals for GGG and developed a strategy to make GGG a boxing superstar. They helped negotiate his major bouts, including both his fights with Canelo Alvarez and advised him on his current deal with DAZN.

“GGG terminated the Hermann Brothers earlier this year. He is refusing to pay them commissions they properly earned.

“This is part and parcel of GGG’s recent undoing. He fired his long-time trainer, Abel Sanchez. He also replaced his long-time lawyer, Ron DiNicola. Promoter Tom Loeffler’s role has been significantly reduced. He is on the outs with GGG. We suspect that GGG’s wife, Alina. Plus, his accountant, Melissa Moskal, is calling the shots for GGG. They are telling him what to do.

“We are considering amending our cross-complaint to add claims against the wife and the accountant for tortious interference with the Hermann Brother’s management agreement.

“GGG’s principal defense for not paying the past-due commissions is that the Hermann Brothers never filed their management agreement with state athletic commissions.

“The defense lacks merit. The Hermann Brothers management agreement is governed by German law and GGG’s lawyer, DiNicola. They ensured that the Hermann Brothers were in compliance with all state and local regulations.

“The case is moving forward. Furthermore, we will be doing extensive discovery. Taking depositions of GGG and his new team, promoters, sponsors, partners, etc., as we prepare for trial. We look forward to our day in court.”

Golovkin now faces a potential headache in the courtroom. This is due to the circumstances surrounding his eventual big-money move to go it virtually alone with his own GGG Promotions.

As things stand, in the boxing sense, possible bouts with Sergey Derevyanchenko, Demetrius Andrade, and Billy Joe Saunders are in the offing.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.