Official charitable partner appointed for Peres v Hafner WBO title clash

Rival Sports Promotions is delighted to announce that the Just Move Charitable Trust (JMCT) been appointed the official charitable partner of Peres v Hafner – the WBO Light Heavyweight World Title Fight to take place at Auckland’s SkyCity Convention Centre on October 4.

JMCT is the charity that underpins the community work of David Letele’s ButtaBean Motivation Movement (BBM), which helps people struggling with the negative health effects of obesity by providing free exercise classes and support networks.

The October 4 show will feature the boxing debut of inspirational BBM leader Phil Tele’a as the main event of the corporate undercard, which precedes a full five-bout professional card.

Tele’a, who will take on South Aucklander Moshin Ali over three two-minute rounds, once weighed in at 295kg and was regularly hospitalised due to complications from his morbid obesity.

“The last time I was in hospital the doctors told me that if I came in again in the same state I would be leaving in a box,” Tele’a said.

“It was either get my weight under control or die. I was lucky enough to come across BBM at that point and I can honestly say that the movement has saved my life.”

Tele’a has now lost 122kg and is a senior leader at BBM, conducting many of the free bootcamps at the movement’s new premises in Manukau.

“My own journey is far from finished and the next step for me is to test myself in the boxing ring,” he said.

“But, most importantly, I want to show others who are in the same situation I was that they can do it, too. You just have to get up off the couch and take that first step.”

Ali is on his own very personal journey towards better health.

“My father passed away with heart disease – he had a heart attack at 42, when we were little kids,” he said.

“That’s always in the back of my mind. I might reach that age and not be there to be able to provide for my family.”

The 32-year-old weighed in at 160kg not all that long ago – but has shed 16 kilograms since taking up boxing training.

“It was hard to move around – and when you consider my family history that is not a safe weight to be at.”

Rival Sports Promotions (RSP) aimed to raise $10,000 for JMCT, with the money coming from a percentage of ticket sales and an auction of sporting memorabilia.

“BBM’s work save lives,” RSP promoter Steve Deane said.

“Dave, Phil and the team are out there making a very real difference every single day. It’s a great cause and we’re committed to doing what we can to help.”

JMCT chairman Rob Campbell said the partnership was a great boost for BBM.

“There a lot of great causes out there and funding is always a challenge, so we’re delighted RSP have chosen to make us a part of this great event. It’s going to be a great night of boxing, and I know the whole of BBM will be getting behind Phil and cheering him on at SkyCity on October 4.”

BBM founder David Letele said he would most certainly be passing on a few tips to Tele’a.

“I’ve been teaching Phil all the Buttabean specials – backhands, elbows and treading on toes – it’s coming along nicely!” Letele quipped.

“In all seriousness, boxing played a huge part in me turning my life around from a point where I was so big I couldn’t fit in a chair and was on the brink of despair to where I am now – fit, happy and healthy.

“So it’s great to see Phil also going down that path. He’s a real leader and an inspiration to so many people.”



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