WBC President meets UCLA to discuss improving boxing safety

Mauricio Sulaiman World Boxing Council WBC


Last Thursday WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, Representatives of UCLA and independent specialists will meet to review the Sport of Boxing and to further improve its safety, at a crucially challenging time.

The Boxing World has been saddened by a spate of recent ring deaths, and this Summit is aiming to try and prevent further tragedies. At the WBC weekly Press Conference at Banco Afirme, which is hosting a three months Exhibition, displaying the Best of the World Boxing Council, President Mauricio Sulaiman stressed that even though many safety measures have been introduced plus testing for PEDS and rigorous medical tests to protect the health and well being of boxers, yet more must be done.

He said: “There are accidents in the ring, but I`m convinced there are things that we can do, in a better way to prevent those accidents from happening. there are certain specific matters like dehydration, level of competition, resting periods, monitoring the gyms. So we are going to meet and draft a pilot plan to go after specific topics. We are going to sign a Plan of Action for the coming years, involving immediate actions.

“We all have to do better. In whatever we do in Boxing, we can do better.”

The Boxing Family is rallying around Felipe “Gallito” Orucuta, who underwent brain surgery, following a fight on July 7th. Among the initiatives, famous and respected Trainer Eddy Reynoso led the way by auctioning off his brand new car, to raise funds to help Felipe`s ongoing recovery. One thousand tickets each priced at five hundred Pesos were sold in a Raffle, on Sunday.

Mauricio said: “Felipe is a warrior. He`s now walking and we are thrilled to see that he`s on the way getting better, supported by the love of his family and the Boxing Community.”