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Home » World Boxing Super Series fire back, say Prograis v Taylor WILL HAPPEN

World Boxing Super Series fire back, say Prograis v Taylor WILL HAPPEN

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World Boxing Super Series chiefs have fired back at Lou DiBella and Regis Prograis following a statement withdrawing from a clash with Josh Taylor.

The super-lightweight final was due to be announced any day. But DiBella and Prograis stated they will not take part in the event.

Releasing a statement, DiBella and Prograis even stated their intention to file a lawsuit.

“Today in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Regis Prograis and DiBella Entertainment, Inc. filed for a declaratory judgment. It states Comosa AG, the owner of the World Boxing Super Series, has breached its contractual obligations to Prograis and DBE,” said the DiBella/Prograis release.

“Prograis and DBE further informed Comosa that Prograis is withdrawing from the WBSS, effective immediately.

“Today’s action is the result of a long and repeated pattern of behavior by Comosa. It includes late payments, scheduling delays, bad faith representations, missed deadlines, and broken promises.

“A recitation of this behavior can be found in the Complaint filed today.

“There is no one more disappointed by this turn of events than Regis Prograis. He has expressed his desire to unify the super lightweight division on a number of occasions.

“Comosa was provided every opportunity to see the WBSS to a conclusion. But it failed at every turn to meet its obligations to the contracted fighters.

“This action was commenced only after Prograis and DBE determined, as a result of Comosa’s conduct, that his participation in this venture was no longer possible. “DBE and Prograis will not be making any further comment beyond the content of this statement and the Complaint.”


Comosa AG, the power behind the tournament, have issued a retort. It states Prograis v Taylor will go ahead as planned.

“WBSS emphasizes that all tournament fighters have fair contracts regarding their exclusive participation in the tournament. This is no different for Regis Prograis. WBSS greatly values Regis’ participation in the tournament,” they explained.

“The litigation initiated by Regis Prograis and DiBella Entertainment Inc. in the New Jersey District Court is completely unfounded and without any basis in fact or in law.

“WBSS strenuously denies that it has violated any contractual obligation towards Regis Prograis or DiBella Entertainment Inc.

“The WBSS has enforced its tournament contracts in the past. It will do so again with all resources available if needed.

“We look forward to the upcoming final of the Super Lightweights for the Ali Trophy between Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor. It promises to be a spectacular boxing night.

“WBSS will defend the tournament against any attempts of third parties to interfere with the tournament with all means and in all jurisdictions available as necessary.”

The row seems set to rumble on and echoes a previous disagreement between DiBella and Ivan Baranchyk in the semi-finals.

Baranchyk was forced to fight and eventually lost to Taylor in Glasgow.