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Manny Pacquiao Jr. shares the ring with dad at Wild Card Gym

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Manny Pacquiao Jr., or ‘Jimuel’ as he’s affectionately known, continued his ring education by sharing it with his father recently.

The youngster is only 18 years of age. Junior is already training hard to be a professional boxer, having decided to follow in Manny Sr’s footsteps. Jimuel has thus far participated in supervised exhibition bouts. But he is a long way from dad’s humble beginnings with his privileged upbringing.

Pacquiao Senior fought tooth and nail to make sure his family didn’t want for anything.  Turning pro just after turning 16 in 1995, Pacquiao embarked on what has become a legendary journey. ‘Pacman’ scored his 62nd victory on July 20 by outpointing Keith Thurman to claim the WBA welterweight title.

Manny Jr. certainly has a lot to live up after Senior won world titles in an unprecedented eight weight divisions. For now, Junior is a part-time and only fledgling fighter as Senior wants him to concentrate on his education. Nailing down his studies comes first before any offers of a paid career in the pugilistic ranks.

Judging by his look and movements, promoters will be queuing up around the block to add Pacquiao Jr. to their roster.

As things stand, Senior is signed with old rival Floyd Mayweather. Plying his trade at Mayweather Promotions, Pacquiao, 40, fights for Al Haymon under the Premier Boxing Champions banner.

Whether Jimuel would be allowed to go down the same route remains to be seen. Already hitting the news in celebrity sections of his home in the Philippines, Jimuel was the subject of a break-up this week.

Rumors first appeared due to a ‘conscious unfollowing’ on Instagram with Heaven Peralejo. The 19-year-old actress then labeled Jimuel ‘her ex’ in a subsequent video post and had Filipino tongues wagging.

Previously, Peralejo had been the subject of abuse from Jimuel’s mass army of young female fans.

Pacquiao’s young son is already getting a taste of what may become increasingly worse with the media, the more he progresses with his boxing career.

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