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Greg Cohen signs lightweight Jeremy Hill to promotional contract

Greg Cohen of Greg Cohen Promotions proudly announces the signing of undefeated lightweight Jeremy “Zereaux” Hill of New Orleans to a promotional contract.

A tall (6’ 0”) and naturally gifted fighter, Hill (7-0, 4 KOs) came to boxing only six years ago and has quickly developed impressive versatility. The 26-year-old is able to counterpunch with remarkable accuracy and power, as well as break down opponents by coming forward behind relentless pressure.

During his brief 60-fight amateur career, Hill fought his way to the #4 ranking nationally and won the Male Elite Champion at the Ringside World Championships in 2017. He turned pro in April 2018, already winning seven fights, including three undercard appearances on shows headlined by Louisianan and unified world super lightweight champion Regis Prograis’. Those fights provided Hill with impressive showcases twice on DAZN and once on ESPN.

“I’m excited,” said Hill of the deal. “I’ve never been in this situation before. It’s a major move for my career, I’m anxious to work hard to get where I want. My goal is to take over and make everyone feel my presence. I want to retire as one of the best, but right now I’ll just give it my all and hope to get it back someday.”

Hill is managed by New York-based Times Square Boxing Co., founded by Adam Glenn and Joe Winters. “Jeremy is great young man and a phenomenal talent,” said Adam Glenn, CEO of Times Square Boxing Co. “He is the total package. He has the skills inside the ring to be a champion and the charm, personality and character outside the ring to be a true star in the sport. We’re very excited to work with Greg and his team, who immediately recognized Jeremy’s talent and shared our vision for his future.”

“Jeremy is a hardworking and dedicated young fighter,” said Times Square Boxing Co. Chairman, Joe Winters. “Jeremy has had a great start to his career, fighting frequently and getting to showcase his talent on major cards. We’re excited for his future, and signing with a topflight promoter, like Greg Cohen, is a great step for him.”

Greg Cohen, who has a history of spotting and developing raw talent, says that Hill has already shown he has real potential in the sport.

“Jeremy can do it all,” said Cohen. “He can box and move, he can counterpunch and he can be a merciless finisher when he wants to. He beat a decent opponent last time out, Kaylyn Alfred, who can fight. Jeremy wore him down in three rounds and stopped him with body shots. He’s got terrific speed and he’s a very charismatic and likable fighter. It’s easy to picture Jeremy becoming a well-known world champion with his mix of talents and gifts. I’m happy to be working with him and Adam.”

Hill says he’ll be working even harder with trainer Toby Wattigney and looking to advance quickly now that he’s signed with a national promoter.

“I want to stay active and learn more. I would love to get more knowledge from big name people in this game. That’s what this deal does for me.”