Glenn McCrory expecting more boxers to make switch to bare knuckle

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Glenn McCrory reckons more pro boxers will ditch their gloves to fight bareknuckle.

There’s sure to be a sell out crowd at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday, September 14 for BKB 18 that includes ex British cruiserweight champion Matty Askin, along with Jack Arnfield and Tyler Goodjohn.

McCrory said: “I think more and more pros will come over.

“There’s money in bareknuckle boxing now and it’s growing.

“We all know boxing is for tough guys and bareknuckle is more raw, but it’s still boxing – and you need to use your brains.

“Bareknuckle boxing is for hard pros, not flash Harrys. They will get beaten up in there.

“It’s perfect for fighters like Matty Askin and Tyler Goodjohn. They probably aren’t going to reach world level in the pros, but they are good, hard pros who can do well in BKB.”

McCrory is a big fan of Goodjohn, who meets Sean Geroge for the vacant world featherweight championship on BKB 18.

As is usually the way in bareknuckle boxing, the build up to the fight has been respectful.

McCrory said: “There are no egos. After fights, they shake hands and go off for a beer together. That will probably change as the shows get bigger and there’s more money coming in, but at the moment, they beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. It reminds me of the films you see from the 1940s and 1950s where they shook hands at the weigh in, had a good, hard fight and then shook hands afterwards.”