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Home » Hearn: UKAD, BBBofC responsible for allowing Whyte vs Rivas

Hearn: UKAD, BBBofC responsible for allowing Whyte vs Rivas

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Eddie Hearn gave an animated interview during Maurice Hooker v Jose Ramirez fight week in which the promoter discussed the Dillian Whyte case.

The Matchroom boss was pushed for the reason why his fighter was allowed to compete, having tested positive for steroids in the days prior.

Whyte had two metabolites of Dianabol in his system but was hastily given a hearing, which usually takes months to complete.

To save the Pay-Per-View show, Whyte needed to present his evidence. Greenlighted by the UK Anti-Doping Agency and the Commissioner of the event, the British Boxing Board of Control was sought.

Throughout the process, Whyte’s opponent and the governing body sanctioning the WBC were not informed of any adverse findings.

Eddie Hearn deflects blame

Hearn spoke to a representative of Barbershop Conversations, whom he labeled ‘a clown’ during the video, and his version of events was presented.

The promoter says UKAD and the BBBofC are responsible. They allowed Whyte to face Rivas despite the red flag.

Hearn also stated Whyte was fully cleared to fight. A fact that alludes to the amounts of steroids in Whyte’s system potentially being minute.

That’s all good, but the prominent bone of contention with the boxing fraternity has always been the lack of disclosure. Rivas and the WBC should have been informed of the test results.

This would almost certainly have resulted in Rivas pulling out of the fight. Plus, the WBC withdrew their sanction of the interim title contest.

The interviewer also attempted to push Hearn to answer the question of PEDs being involved. Hearn would not answer directly.

In the end, Hearn was getting annoyed with the line of conversation as he pushed his point that all rules were followed.


The ethics of the whole scenario have seemingly gone out of the window in favor of the strict following of UKAD and BBBofC protocol.

Hopefully, this case will be the catalyst to alter these absurd rules.

Rivas had every right to know what was found in his opponent’s system long before being punched in the head by Whyte.

Also, the WBC should have been handed the facts to judge the fight correctly as a mandatory eliminator.

At this point, nothing has changed since the story first broke. More needs to be revealed once the ‘B’ sample is opened.

A shambles.

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