EXCLUSIVE: I still use B12 UKAD banned me for today, says Eric Molina

Eric Molina


Eric Molina feels downhearted by the current situation regarding Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas after being banned by UKAD himself for two years.

The American was flagged after losing to Anthony Joshua in 2016 and has three months left to serve after waiting for an age to get the final ruling.

Molina was flagged for Dexamethasone, a drug used to treat nerve damage, skin conditions and allergies.

Despite fighting three times since Joshua, ‘The Drummer Boy’ revealed he still uses the substance every other weekend, and even used it this very day.

Nothing untoward has been picked up by US testing policies. Molina says police would not act if they found it in his possession.

“The B12 can be used out of competition. I failed the test due to the anti-inflammatory contained in it. But UKAD released statements to the world media as if I was a PED cheat. As if they actually found and busted someone for steroids,” Molina explained exclusively to World Boxing News.

“If that’s the way they see me then I want them to ban me for life. Ban me from fighting in the UK, I strongly urge them to because I want no part of that corruption.

“Their media release put out on me reads like I was a dirty, filthy cheat. I knew I had thirteen tears of boxing behind me and I have never cheated in that time.

“I am a school teacher and I am a public servant. They didn’t care about what they released on the substance that was found in my system. But the truth is, I carry it in my backpack and I use it every weekend. It’s not a substance that can land me in jail or anything like that.


“Despite this, and serving almost two years of the ban, I have an email from the UKAD saying that there going to come up with a final conclusion about suspending me two more years for some sparring I did last July. It’s a year ago now, so why are they sitting around worried about a sparring session that I did in America over a year ago?

“The same day this email happened was the day the Dillian Whyte story happened. I am on the sidelines and it unfair for me.

“The whole thing about my case is I got hit with an anti-inflammatory in my system. I got penalized with a two-year ban, so I want to see them correctly punish their own,” he added.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay