All British Boxing drug test failures now redacted from UKAD website

UK Anti-Doping UKAD

The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency has removed all British Boxers with present violations from their public sanctions list.

UKAD usually have all suspensions listed on their website, but this information has now been redacted (made confidential or censored).

Two fighters do remain in the section, although both of them are based outside of Great Britain. Eric Molina is one.

Whether it’s a temporary measure is anyone’s guess, but the usual transparency is now bereft from evidence.

You can view the list HERE

Currently embroiled in the Dillian Whyte test failure situation, UKAD has been the subject of wrath from Molina.

‘The Drummer Boy’ spoke to WBN on Thursday evening to relay his dismay at what transpired with Whyte – and UKAD previously.

It’s been alleged UKAD allowed Whyte to fight despite being flagged for traces of two anabolic steroids.

Molina himself was banned for two years in 2017. The veteran still has two months left of his suspension.

The American insists his drug was not performance enhancing, but just an anti-inflammatory. He says UKAD made an example out of him.

Anthony Joshua Eric Molina
📸 Lawrence Lustig

Recently, Molina received an email stating UKAD may push to ban him a further two years for engaging in boxing activity by sparring.

Disappointed, Molina says he should be allowed to spar outside of UK jurisdiction.

“You have an agency (UKAD) over there that should be divided from the business side of boxing,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I have been barking up this tree. I’m warning every single agent in America not to go there because I know what it’s like.

“I have had conversations with some of them. The way they hold their business and try to push me into a corner it’s not right.


“I am yet to pay them one dollar, so I guess they want to suspend me two more years for sparring. When have you ever heard of that?

“When have you ever heard of a fighter being suspended two years for a sparring session. I have never heard of it in the history of boxing.

“Before I even read this stuff there gonna make there final decision about banning me two more years for a sparring session.

“They aresitting around worrying about banning me two more years for a sparring session. If they really wanna clean this sport up well they had a big opportunity to do it last week (with Whyte).

“I am really upset with this and I am gonna talk and bark up a lot because this thing is not right. We had a fighter die and if UKAD wants to ban me for life that’s fine.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay