Frank Warren OUTRAGED Dillian Whyte hid PED test from Oscar Rivas

Eddie Hearn Dillian Whyte

📷 Dave Thompson

In his latest website offering, Frank Warren has given an honest reaction to the news Dillian Whyte fought Oscar Rivas after testing positive for anabolic steroids.

As WBN has widely reported and followed, Whyte and his team have faced a backlash after failing to inform Team Rivas of the failure.

Warren has now aired his views. The Tyson Fury promoter has labelled the situation ‘outrageous’ in a lengthy column.

Part of it reads: “During fight week Dillian Whyte was informed of an adverse finding in a recent anti-doping test and nearly all concerned were made aware of this also. So Dillian knew, his promoter Eddie Hearn has admitted he knew and the British Boxing Board of Control and UKAD were obviously in the picture. UKAD are exclusively appointed by the Board to handle all Anti-Doping matters under the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA protocol.

“Normally, under these circumstances, a boxer is immediately suspended. He is given seven days to respond. Of the two samples taken – A and B – the B sample is retained to be tested, at the request of the boxer at a later date if he refutes the findings in the A Sample.

“In the meantime, press conferences continued with as if nothing had happened. They continued to sell the fight against Oscar Rivas to be broadcast on pay-per-view.

“Strangely, most Athletes wait months to have a hearing. But on this occasion a hearing took place on the Saturday morning, which was kept secret, for reasons we don’t know.

“But, the one person this should not have been kept from is Oscar Rivas.

“Everybody concerned had a duty of care to inform him of this situation. He was the one getting into the ring with someone who – nobody disputes this at the moment – had tested positive for a PED.


“Ultimately, his life was on the line and questions needed to be asked. But neither he or his team were told. Had they been told they could have then made a decision over whether Rivas wanted to or should fight or not. If they required financial compensation, what the implications were if they withdrew from the fight and, most importantly, were the insurance policies in place and how were they affected? Were the insurance company informed? Would they cover a fighter who was taking PED’s or a fighter suffering injury or worse as a result?

“Apparently, the WBC – who had their Interim title on the line – knew nothing about it. So why weren’t they informed as they go to great lengths to promote their own clean Boxing Program and would probably have pulled sanction.

“I think it is outrageous that a fighter is allowed to step into the ring to take on someone with a doping cloud hanging over their head and be totally unaware of what is going on.”

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