Dillian Whyte: I was cleared, won the Oscar Rivas fight fair and square

Dillian Whyte

📸 Dave Thompson

Dillian Whyte has finally opened up on the explosive claims regarding the presence of banned substances in his drug test sample.

It has been claimed that Whyte tested positive three days before facing Oscar Rivas. The O2 clash was a WBC mandatory bout to face the winner of Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II.

Whyte and his promoter Eddie Hearn were informed of the adverse finding but chose not to let Rivas and his team know. The WBC was also completely in the dark.

This is where the main bone of contention lies, although Whyte believes he’s done nothing wrong.

“I’m so disappointed with the rubbish that has been said about me over the last few days,” said Whyte. “I have lawyers dealing with it and I have been told that I can’t talk about it for good legal reasons.

“I was cleared to fight and I won that fight fair and square. Thanks for the support,” he added.

Despite the denial, it seems there is little Whyte can do to deny the fact there was a red flag. Whether it was a small enough trace to reduce a prospective ban is another thing.

This is the second time this situation has arisen with Whyte.

WBC champion Wilder, who was in line to face Whyte, had already branded the Londoner a cheat when the news broke.

He said: Now here you have a fighter that has been recently reported of taking PED’s (Performance Enhancements Drugs). In fact, it was said he had over more than one substance in his body.

“This fighter has been caught before using PED’s so this is his second attempt. This sh*t has to stop. The bleeding has to stop somewhere.

“We just had a fighter to f***ing die in the ring because of taking too many blows to the head and you have idiots like Dillian Whyte want to CHEAT just to come up in his career because he’s not good enough to do it alone.

“Oscar Rivas was his opponent that Dillian fought recently on drugs in which Oscar dropped this drug user and almost beat him. So Mr. Whyte all that and the sh*t halfway worked you still got put on your ass!!! I’d get my money back!!!

“He’s been claiming to want to fight me but the question is if your doping with a non-champion just imagine what you will try to use if you had the chance to fight me? (Overdose).


“He and his promoter Eddie Hearn gave the WBC hell while all alone this MF has been cheating smh then have the audacity to try and snitch on his countrymen AJ and accuse him of doing drugs when he himself is doing it as well.

“On top of that, his promoter tried his best to cover this up before Whyte’s recent fight. Somebody come and look at this sh*t.#

“I get criticized about saying things like “Ima kill you” and mean it but without any substance whatsoever in my body but here you have so many fighters like the likes of Dillian Whyte that flood their body with PED’s just to advance to the next level, while committing an attempt to murder but want to speak against PED users smh, GTFOH.

“Lmao. Boxing’s a place where you can hate it but love it all at the same damn time. This n**** is definitely the Donkey Of The Year! #TilThisDay.”