EXCLUSIVE: Eric Molina claims UKAD want to ban him TWO MORE years

Eric Molina

📸 Lawrence Lustig

US heavyweight Eric Molina has opened up to WBN on a recent email received by the UK Anti-Doping Agency surrounding his case.

‘The Drummer Boy’ has been unable to compete in the United Kingdom since losing to Anthony Joshua in December 2016.

Upon reading stories regarding Dillian Whyte on Thursday, Molina contacted WBN to have his say.

As Molina explained, he’s got around two months left of his ban for dexamethasone, but says the substance is not performance enhancing or illegal in his home country.

Nevertheless, UKAD is apparently aiming to punish Molina for a sparring session he competed in back in 2018.

Shockingly, Molina states UKAD want two further years taken of any potential run on British soil.

“I just wanted to mention how UKAD handled my case as an American. How they completely tarnished my name with the media,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News.

“And after I was one hundred percent open with them in regard to a supplement that was taken. It was vitamin B12 which had a substance in there that is permitted to be taken out of competition.

“It’s an anti-inflammatory similar to baby aspirin. But they made it seem like I was a drug cheat. Thirteen years in my boxing career and this one time it comes up.

“I said – ‘yeah, this is what I took’. The funny thing is that it’s a substance I still take every other weekend. It’s in my gym bag, and if the police stop me, I can say – ‘yeah, I have this’.

“This is not an illegal contraband that is found in these fighters. It amazes me what the UKAD did to me and continue to do to me.

“As of yesterday morning, I received an email from UKAD stating I was still under investigation for sparring (when suspended) over a year ago.


“As an American fighter, I’ve been given nothing but the harshest penalties and media releases.

“I’m at the point now where I am at the last two months of this ban they gave me. They’re trying to get me for two more years? – I’ve never heard of it, so I think this organization is bias and needs to be investigated.

“I’m going to be vocal about this. I’ve spoken to boxing people in America. I’ve told them that you are not going to get a level playing field over there.

“I’m a prime example of how this organization is treating Americans. I’ve sat on the sidelines. I’ve watched as other fighters repeatedly fail and are fighting three months later. Some even caught with anabolic steroids.

“The way the UKAD treated me is bogus,” he concluded.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay