Andy Ruiz Jr. retracts ‘not going to UK’ statement after Dillian Whyte news

Ruiz Smile

📸 Ed Mulholland

World heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. decided to backtrack on his initial reaction to the news Dillian Whyte is facing trouble over a possible failed drugs test.

Ruiz took to social media to respond to Mayweather Promotions’ Leonard Ellerbe, who had given his immediate thoughts on the reports.

“In my opinion, if this s*** is factual about Whyte, if I’m Andy Ruiz (then) I’m going nowhere near the UK for the rematch with Joshua,” he said, adding: “Don’t do it Andy!”

In an exchange with world champion Julian Williams, Ellerbe went further in response to ‘J Rock’ saying: “Dillian Whyte popped dirty and was still allowed to fight. Whoever let that happen is way outta bounds. Especially after what just happened to the kid Maxim (Dadashev) on ESPN. Two black eyes for boxing in two days.”

Ellerbe replied: “Yo J, that some bulls***. That s*** smells bad but the truth will come out very soon.”

Addressing the situation, Ruiz snapped: “I’m not going to the UK for the rematch!

“At the end of the day, I just want a fair playing ground. The fact that Rivas had no idea about it is a bit sketchy. I will and want to fight AJ next – no ifs or maybes about that.”

A short time later, Ruiz retracted what seemed a final statement on the matter, by saying: “I love everyone’s passion for boxing on twitter.

“I appreciate the people who can argue without insulting those are the people I will always reply to. It’s all love.

“Whether the fight happens in the UK or the USA it will be another epic fight.”

Madison Square Garden remains the favorite to host Ruiz v Joshua II over Cardiff in the UK.


Joshua has kept silent since the initial rumors on Whyte gained traction as the boxing world, especially in the UK, awaits a response.

Eddie Hearn is lining up his usual video chat to address the sh*tstorm he faces, whilst Whyte has also stayed absolutely quiet.

If Whyte did test positive, it all comes down to what that substance was and what the ramifications are of not telling Oscar Rivas and his team, along with the WBC.