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Trainer Dave Coldwell ‘absolutely fine’ with Chisora v Parker next

It’s appeared on several occasions that Derek Chisora may be one fight from disaster following a lengthy career filled with several instances of triumph and tragedy.

After destroying Poland’s Artur Szpilka on Saturday night, the London heavyweight is very much on the verge of another big fight and with Joseph Parker being linked, trainer Dave Coldwell believes his man is prepared to go to war yet again.

“The talk from his management team is Joseph Parker next and that’s absolutely fine with me,” beamed Coldwell in the aftermath of Chisora’s destructive win.

“It’s a fight that can happen later in the year and it’s a very big fight for British boxing. Parker is very well known over here because of his fights with Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, so having him come over for Derek is something that I like.

“Derek is approaching the end of his career now and he needs big fights like this to motivate him and keep him on his toes. There’s no denying that he deserves a big opportunity after Saturday’s win because it was a fight that many thought he was going to lose.”

On the performance, Coldwell added, “It was a spectacular knockout and he fought to instruction so well. I’ve trained a lot of fighters during my career and Derek is right up there with fighters who listen to everything I tell them.

“I made no secret of how hard a camp it was in the early days but like a true fighter he got it right. He went to the body brilliantly and then let him set up more attacks to the head.

“I could see the end coming as he was getting close early and, in the end, it was an amazing result for Derek and he’s now in a position to push on and add more chapters to his incredible story.”