Floyd Mayweather tells ’employee’ Manny Pacquaio when he’ll fight him

Floyd Mayweather

📸 Stewart Cook / Fox Sports

Floyd Mayweather has broken his silence on a possible rematch with old rival Manny Pacquiao after witnessing the Filipino’s recent win at ringside.

Mayweather was present at the MGM Grand Garden Arena as Pacquiao proved he’s still the top dog in the welterweight division.

Press reports immediately switched to a Mayweather v Pacquiao return in the aftermath.

The pair originally met in 2015 with Mayweather winning a drab decision.

In his usual unique style, Mayweather informed his ’employee’ Pacquiao he’d fight him when HE wanted to and not before.

“Let’s stick to the facts! Bob Arum is no longer your promoter. So when it comes to Mayweather Promotions and PBC events I’m the HNIC! (Head N**** In Charge),” outlined Mayweather.

“Bottom line, I make more money than you. I beat you, then I signed you!

“I was only at your fight supervising you, my employee, as any real BOSS would do.

“You made $10 million for twelve rounds when I just made $9 million in under three minutes playing around in an exhibition with a pizza delivery guy!

“I beat you mentally, physically and financially!

“Remember, you fight because you have to, I fight when I want to!”

Pacquiao is open to facing Mayweather should he make a comeback, although the Senator’s performance against Keith Thurman may not do the contest any favors.

‘Pacman’ looked in amazing shape as he dropped and defeated the previously unbeaten Thurman in Las Vegas.

At 42, would Mayweather fancy taking on Pacquiao in this kind of form with years of inactivity behind him? Mayweather last competitive boxing match was a 2015 win over Andre Berto.

Two exhibitions since against easy opposition will have done little to keep Mayweather sharp enough for Pacquiao.

There’s also been no evidence the ‘Money’ man has been near a gym of late. Mayweather has been on a long-winded world tour of sightseeing for some time.

Fan interest remains there, but whether Mayweather’s desire matches that is another story entirely.