What makes a UFC Champion like Conor McGregor?

Ringside 23/07/2019
Conor McGregor


In the year of 1993 United States gave birth to an amazing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) company. This company has since grown bigger and bigger and is now known as UFC.

Being governed by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, UFC doesn’t fail to present a minimum of 20 fights every year. With its headquarters situated in Las Vegas, UFC is not only a US company. Its ranking is international.

Started with a simple object to determine which form of Martial Arts is the most beneficial for an individual in weaponless combat, UFC has a come a long way. In its early days. rules and regulations were strictly controlled UFC. And soon things started to take a turn. The fighters realize that if they wanted to win a battle and defeat their opponent, they need something more. One form of Martial Arts was not enough. So what they did was learning from the best and mix everything. It is the mixture of so many unusual Martial Arts forms that helped them achieved victory against their competitors.


Boxing had it’s glory days. It was prevalent in the 20th century. People would love going to a boxing meet. But times have changed. People who love boxing admire their discipline. They don’t pay money just to see two people constantly punching each other. For them, boxing is an art and with the advancement of the 21st century, this discipline is vanishing. Most of the younger generations do not seem to appreciate boxing in the way that it should be. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of MMA. Why? Because MMA is the toughest and the most grusome form of sport and that is appealing to the younger people. They just don’t want to see punches, they want to see everything! MMA allows you to use almost every possible mean to defend yourself. This is what makes MMA such a challenging sport and this difficult is what attracted a younger audience. MMA also displays a variety of techniques adopted from sports like boxing, karate, kickboxing, judo, and wrestling.


Being a UFC CHAMPION is easier said than done. One would need a lot of training in sports like kickboxing, judo, and jiuj-Jitsu. The more professional training you get, the better for you. Better approach an academy that specializes in MMA, because UFC fights are fights that will demand your total attention and dedication. It won’t be easy- neither to get into a fight nor to get out of one. This will be a challenge.

Betway analysed the best way to the top, by studying all 81 champions in UFC history, and they managed to create the below infographic to highlight the route to becoming a champion.