Five fights which made Las Vegas the ultimate boxing hotspot in the world

Ringside 23/07/2019

Las Vegas is famous for its great history in the boxing world. The city is quite renowned for its many venues for hosting boxing matches with many traveling from all corners of the world to witness and place bets on top matches.

It’s common to find boxing professionals who train and choose the city as their home. Boxing fans get treated to fun casinos where even celebrities are gamblers and some surprisingly support gambling.

You can read top stories about famous celebs promoting gambling on top10-casinos.net. Some of the most legendary games have also been fought and won right in the heart of Las Vegas.

Five world’s biggest Matches in Las Vegas History

Riddick Bowe Versus Evander Holyfield, 1992 13th November

This game was one of the greatest matches in the history of Las Vegas Boxing. The Thomas and Mack center witnessed the high game with a total of eighteen thousand fans from across the world. The match was able to generate a total of nine hundred thousand pay per view buys. Despite Holyfield being badly hurt during the tenth round thanks to an uppercut, he was able to finish strongly. Although Bowe chose to go for the knockout, Holyfield managed to survive his onslaught. The commentator, Al Bernstein who was the then broadcaster of the pay per view, buy termed the match as one of the top rounds in the history of boxing.

Ray Leonard Versus Thomas Hearns, 16th September 1981 

This great match took place at Caesar’s Palace on 16th September 1981. Leonard Ray was down with a swollen eye by the 5th round. Hearns managed to win right from the 9th round all through to the twelfth round. The match, however, ended with Ray Leonard also known as ‘Sugar’ winning the championship after he received a slight encouragement from his then trainer, Angelo Dundee.

Thomas Hearns Versus Marvin Hagler, 15th April 1985

This flight is another big match dubbed “the war” that happened in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. Both men brought on a furious fight continuously during the 1st round, and it is considered as the most magnificent round according to the “Ring magazine.”The action, however, lasted only for eight minutes. During the second round, Hearns started to have an issue with his legs and later on in the third round; the action was all over. The match ended in quite an ugly manner with Hearns in a semi-conscious state while Hagler’s whole body was soaked in blood.

Jose Castillo Luis versus Diego Corrales, 7th May 2005

This match won the heart of many as the world’s most significant match of the year 2005. The game happened at Mandalay Bay. On the tenth round, Castillo also Known as Terrible was able to knock down his opponent two times. Corrales was able to counter this using his right hand. Corrales would later trap Castillo on the ropes shoving heavy punches thus emerging as the winner at the end of the match.

Meldrick Taylor Versus Chaves Cesar Julio, 17th March 1990

These two fighters were complete opposites in the arena. The match between them took place at Hilton Las Vegas in the year 1990 March 17th. Taylor appeared to be on top of his game at the beginning of the match thanks to his fancy footwork, but Chaves managed to counter his moves with sharp punches. Even though both fighters were injured, Taylor fought most of the later rounds when heavily bleeding in the Face which also got broken. Twenty-five minutes to the end of the match, Chaves was able to trap his opponent Taylor who was slow to respond, making him the TKO win.

The Las Vegas Experience

Another great reason that has made Las Vegas one of the biggest boxing capitals in the world is the experience. People always enjoy putting money on the line as they place bets on sports books with the boxing arenas beaming with lots of excitement and anticipation, not to mention the sin city life.

The world’s greatest boxing Arena

Mandalay Bay
Although Mandalay Bay is a relatively new hotel Casino, it’s not unique to hosting some of the world’s biggest matches. With a sitting capacity of twelve thousand people, the arena has hosted big fighters such as De La Hoya and Trinidad. Some of the fights it has hosted have grossed the highest ticket sales ever witnessed in Nevada.

MGM Grand
With a sitting capacity of about seventeen thousand people, MGM grand boasts of hosting some of the world’s biggest matches in the History of boxing in Las Vegas. Among the famous fights, it has hosted include the battle between Tyson and Holyfield. Moorer and foreman as well as that of De La Hoya and May weather Junior.

Caesars Palace
Even though it does not hold matches as big as those contained in MGM Grand, it continues to host big fights. The arena has witnessed significant events in Las Vegas history such as that of Holmes Versus Ali, as well as that of Leonard Versus Hearns, to mention but a few.