The boxing stars in love with professional football

Ringside 23/07/2019
Tyson Fury Man Utd

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Football is a 22-man game between two teams, with each side having 11 players. The game has players from the different teams trying to score against each other for 90 minutes. Eventually, after the assigned time, a winner is crowned depending on the number of goals the team has. 

Football only allows players to play or control the ball with any part of their body except the hand. A single player called the goalkeeper is assigned his spot in the pitch, close to the goal post from which he can make saves with his hand. Any gender can play the sport. Also, a single board called FIFA overlooks football.

With time the spot has grown with fans popping up like popcorn from different corners of the world.

Below we are going to have an in-depth look at the spotting not forgetting some of the top dogs who are football die-hards. 

Soccer Betting

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Football Fans

Football/soccer is celebrated globally. The game comes with an enthusiastic feeling no matter where you are watching it from, either a stadium or from a television set. Every year, football fans get to enjoy different football leagues and matches organized by FIFA.

Also, fans get to enjoy championships like the EUFA and the EUROPA as qualified teams struggle to conquer Europe to become the top dogs. In addition, to all this action, the globe itself is usually left at a standstill after every five years as countries try to battle it out to win the world cup. The world cup comes with both high and low emotions for fans, even as they support their country.

Even these boxers love football.

Ricky Hatton

The love and support for football has seen Ricky Hatton joke frequently that he might put his gloves on and have a head-on with the infamous footballer Ronaldo. This is despite the fact that Ricky hanged his boots years back after a successful career of 45 wins out of the 48 fights.

Ricky Hatton
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Ricky Hatton is a Manchester city die-hard who expects a win whenever City is on the pitch. Ricky made a joke that he would come back to challenge Ronaldo since he’s been doing well against City.

While in United Ronaldo made 14 appearances against city scoring five goals and making three assists from different encounters. 

Josh Warrington

The legendary Leeds fan Josh cannot be left out since his love and support for the team has seen him support the club through thick and thin.

The boxer went as far as to say that it would be nice to use the infamous Marcelo’s blue bucket as his stool in his upcoming fight.

Marcelo is the football manager of Leeds United. Josh Warrington has often appeared for training and his matches while in his Leeds United jersey.

Tyson Fury

Last for consideration is Tyson Fury, the famous boxer and a Red Devil die-hard fan. Tyson has been seen in various matches backing his boys, with the most recent being against Barcelona.

His love for the sport also saw him claim that Jose Mourinho is a “winner like me,” even as the team was to play Manchester City.


As seen above, football is a significant event that shapes the globe we know of today. Most have become millionaires through this spot when on the pitch or off the pitch. Football is also a great source of fun and can be enjoyed by all means such as stacking a bet at one oft he various betting sites.

So, as you plan to stake on your favourite team, we urge you to bet responsibly not forgetting to have fun.