WWE legend Mick Foley blasts ‘haters’ trolling ‘heartbroken’ Dave Allen

Dave Allen Mick Foley

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World Wrestling Federation legend Mick Foley has responded to persistent trolling aimed at Dave Allen following his loss to David Price on Saturday.

Allen has been branded a ‘quitter’ for pulling himself out after ten rounds against Price after shipping punishment consistently

Sensing defeat was inevitable, Allen wanted to save himself for another fight. He took the decision out of trainer Darren Barker’s hands.

Responding to a large portion of his hate messages over the last few days, Allen made an emotional plea for fans to understand his reasoning.

“I did pull out as I knew in myself I was in trouble. (Anthony) Joshua, I hope had a little smile on his face when it happened (against Andy Ruiz). But his fans can’t say f*** all. They’ve never been where me and Josh have in our fights.

“You know what, I’m heartbroken about last night (Saturday). But it’s easier to laugh than cry don’t be a tw*t have some compassion. I’m not a great boxer I’ve had lots of chances you think are unwarranted. But I’m a good man. I do what I do to provide a better life for me and my family.”

Foley urged Allen not to listen in a social media reply to Allen.

“Hello @davidthewhiter1 – please don’t pay any attention to the haters. Anyone going out of their way to bring you down after this fight isn’t worth your time or effort,” said Foley.


Another attack launched at Allen stated the Doncaster man was up drinking at the O2 Arena Intercontinental Hotel bar until the early hours the night before the contest.

‘The White Rhino’ cleared up the rumors by saying: “The hotel bar I believe shuts at 1 am so I would be doing very well to be sat in there at 2.30am.

“I went to bed around 12.30 Friday night after drinking tea all night with friends. I would love to make all kinds of excuses but my only excuse is I was second best.”

He then added, jokingly: “For the last time I wasn’t up till half two drinking in the bar. I was actually in the lobby doing heroin till 5 am.

“I hate people getting facts wrong to make me look unprofessional,” Allen smirked.