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Home » Dave Allen: David Price career is over if he doesn’t beat me

Dave Allen: David Price career is over if he doesn’t beat me

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Although Dave Allen holds the favorite tag ahead of his domestic duel with David Price, the ‘White Rhino’ believes all the pressure is on his opponent come July 20.

Since defeat to Tony Yoka, Allen has since revived his career with four consecutive wins, including impressive KOs over Nick Webb and Australia’s former world champion Lucas Browne.

A man who Allen has a lot of gratitude for is former world champion Darren Barker, who is now in the corner of the Doncaster star.

Speaking ahead of the domestic dust-up, he said: “I don’t really care enough about anything in life for it to be a pressurised situation for myself.

“If David Price loses against me I know it will upset him because I never boxed when he was the next Klitschko, I had never even boxed in my life.

“So he must beat me otherwise it’s the end, where I will keep going. I’ve got no shame. I’ll fight anywhere, anyone. The pressure is all on him.

“It’s a massive advantage having Darren in my corner. I hope I don’t have to come back to the corner at the end of round one. I think it could go that quick, he hits hard enough and I hit hard enough and he’s fragile enough.”

However, Allen knows the ins and outs of heavyweight boxing – one punch can end everything.

In 2016, Allen had called Price out and demanded the fight to happen, but the bout wasn’t taken serious from Price’s team, who at the time, had bigger fish to fry.

Fast forward three years later and Allen finally gets his man after delivering a brutal body shot to end proceedings against Browne earlier in 2019 and many believe it will be a five-round shootout.

“If I hit him he could go and if he hits me I could go. That’s why it’s so intriguing because one of us will get knocked out at some point. It just depends when, how, where, who.

“I really excited to be involved in it, it’s a really exciting fight. I always wanted to be involved in these kind of fights. I’ve got all the respect in the world for David Price, I know what he’s capable of and I’m just excited by the whole week.

“I just want to keep going. I know what the prize is for this fight and I guess realistically that’s what has kept me going.


“I’m a lazy man, I like to eat, I like to go out and do things I shouldn’t do, so I do need something to keep me going and I’ve had that in this fight and I’ve got Darren as well to keep me on the straight and narrow.

“Everything has gone well for this fight, everything is 100 per cent. There’s no excuses, I’m really happy and when I’m happy I’m dangerous.”

A fifth victory for Allen could see the Brit get his dream opponent next in Russia’s Alexander Povetkin.