Devin Haney feeds the elderly at San Francisco Senior Center

Yesterday at the San Francisco Senior Center, undefeated lightweight contender, Devin “The Dream” Haney (22-0, 14 KOs) spent his day feeding the elderly.

Devin, who is looking to get back in the ring in September, feels it’s important to give back financially as well as spend quality time with those less fortunate.

“Today was a very special day for me because I had a great time serving the elderly at the San Francisco Center. I want to thank all the veteran volunteers and staff for showing me the ropes.

“I’m extremely humbled by the Seniors. The seniors gave me a much better perspective on life after hearing all their heartfelt stories. I believe taking care of the elderly is something they deserve, so sharing quality time and catering to them is very important to me.

“Life is a blessing but we will all get old one day. Me, my father, and brother, served food as if we were working at one of our favorite restaurants. We laughed and everyone shared so many different kinds of experiences. It was really cool. I will be going back real soon.” – Devin Haney